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What if my attorney is dragging out the divorce?

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Sometimes, people decide to find another NYC divorce lawyer because they think their existing attorney is dragging their feet. This can happen. In some cases though, it’s not because of your attorneys fault. Sometimes, it can be that your spouse is being unreasonable, and as a result it’s slowing the entire process down. Things like child custody, alimony, and property division, can take a while to settle. If your spouse is being unreasonable, it can delay the process – and you may think it’s your attorneys fault, when it’s truly not. If you feel your lawyer is dragging his/her feet, we encourage you to contact our NYC divorce attorneys today.

Below are some common instances that can slow down your case

  1. Spouse is taking ridiculous positions on child custody, not consistent with your children’s best interest. Your attorney is trying to negotiate, but is not seeing success. In this case, it might be best to expedite – and ask a judge to make a judgement. Sometimes, parents who have no business asking for custody, may ask for it – because “they feel,” they are entitled.
  2. Your spouse is self employed. In this instance, your spouse might be playing games with his/her income, and underreporting it. This requires a forensic accountant to look at the situation – and means you will need to wait.
  3. Property division can be difficult to negotiate. In states like New York, couples with a lot of property and assets, can be difficult to divide. In situations like this, it’s important you realize it may not be your divorce attorney dragging his feet – it’s just that the process takes time.
  4. Your spouse’s lawyer is creating problems on purpose, in order to bill his client more money. Some attorneys unfortunately misguide their clients and create “problems,” in order to bill their clients for additional hours of work. They focus on making money, instead of focusing on their client’s best interests.

If you believe that your attorney is dragging out the process, or if you’re uncertain – we highly recommend you reach out to our NYC law firm today. Our attorneys can evaluate your case, and let you know if we see something unethical going on. While it’s rare that an attorney will purposefully sabotage your case, it has happened in the past. That’s why getting a second opinion can be extremely useful. If you decide that you simply want new representation, our NYC divorce law firm can take over any case, at any time.

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