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Can we continue to live in the same house if we’re separated?

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Spouses often get separated, but live in the same house. Getting different houses is just too costly. Reasons for such a decision can be complicated – typically it’s because of financial reasons, or because you want to remain close to your children. In some cases, if your child has a handicap/disability, it may be difficult to care for your child without being near him/her. Couples can definitely live in the same house, if they are separated. If you decide to live in the same house as your spouse, here are some things to consider.

Both you and your spouse should agree to discontinue the marital relationships. For example, you should stop having sex, or socializing together. There should be a physically separate bedroom, with different entrances. Each person should clean up, after himself or herself. In addition, you have to do your own chores – and he has to his own chores. When at home, the separated couple should no longer prepare meals, or eat together. In addition, you and your spouse should use your own money to buy foods, supplies, etc, for yourself. You shouldn’t ask your spouse for any money or anything at all.

You should also have separate bank accounts, and avoid any financial confusion between the parties. You should create separate bank accounts, and separate yourself financially from your spouse. If possible, preparations should be made to find other dwellings. Outside of the house, spouses should cease to function as a couple. Each should make it apparent to their friends they are separated – but only exist under the same roof. They should not hang out with the same circle of friends togethers. Wedding bands should be removed as well. Any place you would normally go together, should be done desperately.



Lastly, be prepared to explain to a judge all the reasons for why you’re separated – and want a divorce, yet live under the same roof. It’s a good idea if you and your spouse sign a written agreement, that the intent to separate is permanent. In order to get a judge to grant a divorce, or legal separation, you have to prove your intent to disassociate from your spouse. Living together with the spouse can make it difficult.

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