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How can I get an annulment for free?

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The annulment of a marriage is an ancient process still in existence in the Roman Catholic Church as well as a few other religious organizations. It is something that is highly important to those who are interested in making sure that they remain within the rules of the Church with which they worship.

Naturally, those who are married and looking for a separation from their partner are likely to want to find out what they can do about getting an annulment for free. After all, the idea of paying for this type of service is not something that most are all that interested in. They want to stay within in the bounds of the religion, but they don’t want to have to pay for it. Fortunately, there are options which make this possible.

A website known as Catholicnews.com talks about the latest information from the Church. One of the topics that they have covered is that the current Pope (Pope Francis) has looked at simplifying the process for the annulment of a marriage. The Pope has stated that he is not in the business of promoting the dissolution of marriage, but that he wants to try to simplify the process for those who find themselves in this difficult situation.

Keep in mind that the Church is highly interested in promoting marriage and having those marriage happy and successful. However, modern reforms have made it possible to understand that these types of things can sometimes fall apart. More and more in the modern world people have a lot of reason why they may not want to stay together. In the past such a situation would require that one person in the marriage had committed adultery or something similar. These days though there are more options.

The changes to the annulment rules comes as a result of the Pope’s concern for the salvation of souls. He wants to promote mercy and charity for those who are in a difficult situation.

Bare in mind that it was not that long ago that many in the Church had to suffer in silence as they worked through their marriages and the separation issues that they may have had to face. The Pope is trying to lighten the guilt and other issues that those individuals face. It is a progressive move in the right direction in the opinion of many.

One of the changes that the Pope has proposed is to make the process of annulment free. He wants to allow more people to have the opportunity to get the annulment that they need. These annulments can still remain a lengthy process, but at least they are now becoming a process that one can get for free.

Changes like this continue to come to the Church all the time under the guidance of this new Pope. It is important to keep an eye on how these changes continue to come.

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