04 Oct 20

NYC Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

When couples get married, the last thing on their minds is getting divorced. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that probably half of all couples getting married will get divorced. While these situations can be complicated… Read More

02 Oct 20

Alimony And Maintenance Lawyer In NYC

There are two types of financial arrangements between spouses in New York. One is spousal support and the other is spousal maintenance The difference between the two is that spousal support is given to one… Read More

02 Oct 20

Bronx Visitation Lawyers

Visitation is an ugly word for a parent who does not have primary custody of his or her children following a divorce. Visitation in New York can be extravagant, but it can also be minimal… Read More

02 Oct 20

NY Uncontested Divorce vs. NY Contested Divorce

NY Uncontested Divorce vs. NY Contested Divorce In New York, divorce is defined as a legal end to a marriage between two people. However, state law recognizes two types of divorces: uncontested divorce and contested divorce…. Read More

01 Oct 20

Manhattan Legal Separation Attorneys

When you and your spouse decide to separate after being in a marriage, there are two options you can explore. You can either choose to have a legal separation agreement or get a judgement of… Read More

01 Oct 20

New York Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

A premarital agreement is a written contract between two people who intend to get married. The agreement is made in contemplation of marriage. This means it becomes the contract becomes valid and enforceable after the… Read More

24 Jul 20

You need a divorce lawyer

You need a Los Angeles divorce lawyer Not everyone will want to file for divorce, so it’s important to understand the process and your rights in a divorce. If you decide not to go through… Read More

18 Jul 20

Why is a trade show booth important?

An excellent company exhibit will reflect your company’s goals and other objectives. A working and an effective booth is the one that will help command maximum attention while also being informative and inviting. Below are… Read More

18 Jun 20


The security clearance attorneys at Lawscape regularly assist federal employees and contractors, as well as military personnel obtain any of the three levels of security clearance – confidential, secret, or top secret.  We assist in… Read More

14 Apr 20

Staten Island Divorce Lawyers

A divorce can be one of the most stressful life experiences anyone will ever go through. While some couples are able to come to a friendly agreement and consensually dissolve the marriage, many divorces do… Read More