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What custody arrangement is best if he is abusive

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People choose to get a divorce for varied reasons. Sometimes people simply move on and realize they have little in common. In other instances, the relationship between the two parties may have turned out poorly. Unfortunately, there are instances where one party may actually abusive to the other party. Abuse can take many forms. One party may abuse the other party in the marriage verbally. They may say cruel things and undermine the other person’s confidence. Another form of abuse is physical abuse. Physical abuse can also take many forms. A man may occasionally hurt his wife when angry. In other instances, the physical abuse may be ongoing and happen on a weekly basis. A man may actually physically hurt his wife with objects or with his fists. Such abuse is a very serious matter. Many battered wives are often reluctant to talk about the abuse they suffer to outside sources.

Speaking Out

Speaking out about any kind of spousal abuse can be extremely hard. Those who cope with such abuse often feel isolated and alone. A spouse who engages in such behavior may limit their wife’s contact with others in order to control her actions and make it hard for her to let the world know what is going on in the household. However, a woman may find the courage to break free of a relationship that is bad for her. In that case, a divorce is often the best course of action for her. It allows her to get away from the abuser and make a new life. Many women have children. For abused women, the process of divorce is not only on opportunity to break free of her abuser. It’s also an opportunity to further protect her children. Many men who are hurtful to their wives may also engage in abuse against their own children in some way. This can take varied forms. A man may spend lots of time yelling at kids. They may also go out of their way to actively hurt the child with a body part such as a fist or with some physical object.

Custody Options

If the event of any kind of problem of this sort, letting legal counsel know can be hard. The abuse may have been hidden for years. However, a woman’s need to protect her children is a paramount feeling. A lawyer will listen to her testimony and help her decide what to do next. In many cases, the best kind of custody arrangement for her will be sole custody. Sole custody is when one parent assumes all of the responsibility for the children. That parent is the one who has the legal right to make all important decisions on their behalf. The other parent has limited if any rights to come in contact with the children. Any parent who has been abused by the other partner should be aware that gaining this kind of custody can be hard. They may need to be prepared to prove the other partner is unfit. In that case, they may be asked for all sorts of documentation illustrating evidence of abuse. This kind of documentation can take many forms. A spouse can show they have been physically harmed with pictures that demonstrate they have a black eye. Other forms of documentation include any medical records such as an emergency room visit. A child can also testify to the judge about any kind abuse they may have witnessed. For example, they can tell the judge that one parent hit the other parent or they can tell them about the abuse they have suffered by the other parent.

Preparing To Fight

Getting sole custody can be difficult. An alternative to such custody is primary custody. Primary custody means that one parent assumes nearly all the responsibilities for the children of the marriage. The other parent has limited rights. They may have the right to see the children for a few hours a week. This form of custody can be easier if there’s not enough documentation indicating that abuse has been present. Anyone should keep in mind that custody arrangements are not permanent. They can be changed as circumstances change. If the person can prove abuse, it is possible to change such arrangements. For many abused women, the primary goal should be to get out of the relationship as soon as they can. A lawyer can help make sure they and their children are fully protected from abuse.

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