26 Nov 18

What is our philosophy

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Our matrimonial lawyers focus exclusively on the resolution for you, and your family. We don’t push into what we think is right exclusively. We give you our input, but ultimately – negotiate, and strategize, around YOUR goals. We create tailor made solutions, designed to focus on you. Our New York family law attorneys are by your side, and understand your unique circumstances. We firmly believe that the key to 99% of matrimonial cases in NYC – is listening to the family members. We listen to you, and focus on the resolution you need, and want.

Many matrimonial attorneys are unfair – because they know that as a result, they can create “problems,” for which they can then bill you to fix. We find this unethical. We work in a fair, and balanced manner – which ensures that the outcome you want will happen. Everything we do, revolves around being fair, yet protecting your rights – and ensuring that we are able to negotiate amicably with the other side. Regardless of whether you use one of our matrimonial lawyers in nyc or long island, rest assured – we’re focused on getting the possible resolution on every issue important to you – without drawing out the process longer than it needs to be.

Many attorneys refuse to work with the opposing attorney, and create unnecessary problems. We firmly believe litigation is stressful, and time consuming. We believe in helping our clients get the outcome they want. We try getting them this, by embracing a collaborative approach – which means treating all parties with respect, and helping forge a common approach. This philosophy of ours means that we consistently charge less than other matrimonial law firms, and it also means you get the results possible – because we’re not focused on charging you more money, we’re focused on giving you the results!

We believe in getting you the outcome you want. Sometimes, being fair and balanced doesn’t work – when the other side isn’t cooperating. If needed, we’re prepared and experienced – and can go to trial on your behalf. Sometimes, the only way to protect your rights, is by litigating in court. The key to winning in court is having experience – and knowing what works, and doesn’t work. Our NYC matrimonial lawyers can help build your case, and represent you – regardless of the time, or place.

Regardless of the difficult of your case, our team can handle it. We’ve handled some of the most complex divorce, family law, asset distribution, cases in New York. Whether it be a case involving child custody, alimony, support, or even a spouse hiding assets – we can help. Our extremely knowledgable team will handle every single aspect of your case. We leave NOTHING to chance, and thoroughly protect your rights. If you need an extremely well versed matrimonial law firm, hire Spodek Law group.

When you are potentially going to trial – you want a matrimonial lawyer in NYC who knows judges, court staff, and opposing counsels. The familiarity makes it easier to get things done, and means you’re working with a trustworthy law firm. Both of our founding partners, are former prosecutors, and bring their years of experience to every single case. We understand how to speak to judges, and opposing counsel – and how to squash their attempts to dismiss your rights. Our trained NYC lawyers know the matrimonial/family courts of New York – and are well known, and trusted, for their strong advocacy for our clients.

When you hire a matrimonial law firm, you want to know that you’re hiring the . You want someone who can get to the finish line – with plenty to spare! Our divorce and family team consists of highly trained lawyers, in addition to paralegals, assistants, and an entire support staff to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Unlike solo attorneys – we have an entire team ready to help your case – and give it the attention you deserve. It’s how we ensure each client gets the results possible.

All divorce and family law matters aren’t the same. There are many ways to approach a case, and handle it. Having an experienced matrimonial attorney on your side, can be the key to success. When we take on a new case, we strategize all the possible ways we can get our clients what they need.  Our  attorneys work with you, to ensure that our suggested approach fits your needs, and the needs of your family.