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Should I file a complaint because my divorce is taking so long?

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Even good divorces are painful, difficult experiences. Once you make the decision to file, patience may be hard to come by. If your soon-to-be-ex-spouse knew it was coming, they’ll still be unhappy and could get unpleasant. If they weren’t aware you were planning to file, things can get downright ugly.

You’re Ready To Move On
Don’t be in a rush. The only reason to rush through a divorce filing is if you are in physical danger at the hands of your spouse. Let your attorney know of your concerns during your first meeting. There are legal protections in place to keep your ex away from you, or they will face severe penalties. If your spouse is not the sort to get violent, then it’s a good idea to take your time and make absolutely sure that everyone, especially any children born of the marriage, are properly supported and that both you and your ex are treated with financial fairness.

Be The Last Person Standing
There are other reasons not to hurry your divorce. It’s not uncommon for some parties in divorces to ready to do whatever it takes to close the door on the relationship. This party may wind up doing themselves financial harm in their desire to get out of the marriage. Do not be this party. Listen to your attorney and give them time to get all of the documentation in order so that your life is not disrupted any more than it already has been.

My Attorney Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth!
Depending on the location of your spouse, challenges can arise in serving them papers and getting information from them. Feel free to contact your attorney if you’re anxious about the status of your case. It may feel as though you’re being ignored. Be aware, however, that your attorney may be dealing with delays they can do nothing about, such as poor response times from the attorney your ex hired.

If you get a notification that your case is pending the location of your ex, then your attorney is stuck until that information comes through. Calling and setting up an appointment to discuss delays with your attorney is certainly your right, but do be aware that your attorney is working at your request on a delay that is not of their making. If they are working, you need to be prepared to pay for that time.

For Your Own Sanity, Stay Flexible
Be prepared for delays. If your ex is feeling vindictive and they know you’re not a patient person, they may be holding off on documentation to push your buttons. If your ex abandoned you, then your needs are not a priority and haven’t been for a while. The death of a relationship is a painful thing, and unfortunately divorce is never a clean cut between you and your ex.

Focus on the future you need to build for yourself and your children if applicable. Your divorce attorney in nyc will do their very best to represent you for the best outcome in your situation.

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