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How Do I Get Certified Copies of My Divorce Papers?

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There are special times when you will need to produce certified copies of your divorce papers. You may have informational documents that validate your divorce, but they are not certified if they do not have a raised seal on them. Certified copies have a raised seal on them, and they count as identity-proving documents. You may need certified copies of your divorce certificate for remarriage, proof of why you had a name change, benefit collection and various other reasons. The following are some ways that you can obtain certified copies of your divorce papers:

Visit the Vital Statistics Office

You can visit the vital statistics office in your state personally. Such an office may be open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. or similar hours. You will have to bring your identification with you as well as some information about yourself, your spouse and the date and location in which you were married. The office may charge you a fee for the document. You can usually pay for such a document with cash, check or credit cards. Ask about which payment types they accept before you set out to the office, however. You want to make sure that you bring the right payment type. In most cases, you can receive copies of your divorce certificate that day.

Order Them Online

There may be a time when you have to order divorce documents online because you live in a different state or county from where you can have easy access to them. Several reputable sites exist for the sole purpose of connecting you with important documents. Vital Check is a reputable company that you can use to order the documents. The company provides customers with copies of divorce records, marriage records, birth and death certificates. The order process begins by selecting the type of document you wish to receive. Secondly, you want to choose the state that holds your records. The site will then take you to choose a city.

You will have to enter the date of the divorce after you choose a city. The system will then look for the records that you are requesting. You will receive a notice if the system cannot locate the records. You will be directed to a secure payment form if the system can find your records. You will need to allow several weeks for processing. You may be able to pay an additional fee to get the records fast. Always make sure that you are ordering from a secure page and that the company is authorized by the agency from which you desire to receive the records.

Identification for Divorce Records

Most places that offer personal divorce records will want you to prove who you are by providing a valid form of identification. Some of the documents that you can use to prove your identity are documents such as a driver’s license, social security card, passport, health insurance, utility bill, lease or bank statement. The identification is to ensure that they are giving the item to an authorized person.

To prevent stress and confusion, you could request that your attorney grab hold of the documents for you. All you have to do is give your attorney written consent to gather the documents. The attorney will most likely be able to get the documents for you much faster than you would have been able to get them by yourself. The method that you use to get certified divorce papers depends on your intended use for them and how fast you need to have them in your hand.

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