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Can we get divorced without going to court?

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Divorce is a bad, and complex, time of life. Even though you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, it doesn’t have to be a complex. One option, of course – is to go all out, and engage in total warfare. This is expensive, and it’s time consuming. It takes an emotional toll as well. Fortunately, there are other options. There are numerous ways to either avoid divorce, or opt for a low cost version of getting separated; divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, arbitration, or even private judging, can you get a divorce without going to court. When you agree to mediation and collaboration, you can work with your spouse to come to an agreement which works for you both, and the kids.

Divorce Mediator

This is a neutral professional who sits down with you both, and your attorneys, to help you sculpt a settlement which handles all the issues in your divorce, including, but not limited to: property, support, child custody, and other issues like visitation.

In a collaborative process, you and your spouse agree to have attorneys, not to go to court. The goal is to work towards a settlement. If you aren’t able to reach a settlement, you agree to use arbitration, or private judging, to listen to both sides and make a decision for you.

All of these decisions enable you to complete the divorce faster, and cheaper, than if you went to trial. Mediation and collaboration are more private, and enable you to protect your family.

If you need help, or are unsure/uncertain, we encourage you to speak to one of our NYC divorce lawyers immediately.

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