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Manhattan Divorce Lawyers

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Your marriage is over, and it’s time to get a divorce. Many people are familiar with the basics of divorce, but the details are confusing and a bit on the stressful side when it becomes a personal situation. There is no shame in ending your marriage, and you shouldn’t feel the pressure to stay in a marriage in which you no longer feel good. Your life is your life, and you are free to file for divorce in Manhattan when you realize your marriage is not going to work.

What reasons may I divorce my spouse in Manhattan?

You can divorce your spouse for any reason you see fit in Manhattan, though there are a few legal definitions you’ll need to consider. You can decide your marriage is over for no other reason than you simply do not like your spouse, do not love your spouse, or even because you are in love with someone else. It’s your choice, but you must know which legal definition your reason falls within in terms of New York divorce laws.

1. Irreconcilable Differences – You must be able to say honestly that your marriage has been over for a period of six months or more no matter how you’ve tried to make it work.
2. Cruel and Inhuman Treatment – If your spouse has abused you or treated you in a manner considered cruel, inhuman, or illegal, you may file for divorce for this reason. This includes abuse of all types.
3. Adultery – If one or both of you cheated on the other, you may cite this in your divorce.
4. Separation of More than One Year – Some people decide to go through with a trial separation to see if they can work on their marriage while living apart. If you’re working on this and you’ve lived apart for more than a year without any help with your marriage, you can file for divorce citing this as the reason.
5. Prison Confinement of Three or More Years – If you or your spouse have been in jail for three or more consecutive years during your marriage, you may file for divorce.
6. Abandonment – If your spouse left you and your family and hasn’t been back in more than a year, it’s considered abandonment.

No-fault divorce is the most common grounds in New York. It’s the citing of irreconcilable differences in your divorce decree so as not to blame any one person for the demise of your marriage. It does make the case a bit easier, but it’s still a very personal situation.

How does it work?

Once you make the decision to file for divorce, you file the paperwork with an attorney or on your own at the office of the local Clerk of Court. This paperwork is then typed up and presented to your spouse during a process called being served. The spouse has a specific time frame to respond by either ignoring the response, agreeing with it, or outlining terms of his or her own. Depending on how your spouse responds, the process is ongoing.

Hire an Attorney

Not every divorce in Manhattan is ugly and contentious, but many are. Even the simplest divorce case has a chance to turn ugly when one or both parties decide they want to contest every word of the divorce agreement. It’s time to Hire an Attorney with ample experience working with New York divorce laws to work for you. An attorney can help you make the divorce process faster and less stressful, and an attorney can help you leave your marriage with more of what you want.

Are We Legally Separated If We’re Getting a Divorce?

If you and your spouse have decided that it is time for you to go your separate ways, you probably want to make sure that the entire legal process is handled properly. Then, you can each protect yourselves, and you can help avoid any delays or issues that could prevent you from moving on with your lives. Understanding what a legal separation is, why it’s important and how to file for one is an important first step to take when you’re preparing for a divorce.

What is the Difference Between a Separation and a Divorce?

First, you have to understand the difference between a separation and a divorce. A legal separation simply means that you and your spouse are separated and are no longer living together as a married couple. However, you are still technically married, no matter how long you have been legally separated, until you get a divorce.

divorce, on the other hand, is the dissolution of your marriage. When you get divorced, your marital union is terminated. Once your divorce is finalized, you are no longer considered husband and wife, and you can remarry if you choose to.

Are Legal Separations Automatic?

Some people think that once they are no longer living with their spouse that they are separated. Even though you and your spouse might be separated in a technical sense, you still aren’t separated in a legal sense if you haven’t filed for a legal separation. Luckily, the process doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, and it’s something that a lawyer can help you with. Many people use the services of the same lawyer for their legal separation as they do for their divorce.

Why File for a Legal Separation?

Couples file for a legal separation for a number of different reasons. One main reason why couples file for a legal separation is because they are planning on getting divorced. However, some couples file for a legal separation for other reasons. For example, you and your spouse might be experiencing marital problems, and you may think that these problems can be better resolved if you live apart for a little while.

How to File for a Legal Separation

Simply moving out of the marital home and no longer living as a married couple is not enough to establish a legal separation with your spouse. Instead, you have to go through the process of filing for a legal separation.

For one thing, you and your spouse have to meet certain criteria in order to file for a legal separation. For example, if you are filing for a separation in New York, you have to be legally married and must be residents of New York. If you’re unsure of whether or not you and your spouse qualify to file for a legal separation, you can always consult an attorney who can talk to you about the specifics of your situation.

Before you can file for a separation, a separation agreement must be written up. It’s generally best to do this with the help of a knowledgeable divorce attorney. On the separation agreement, you must list certain things, such as the grounds for the separation. Some couples list that they are getting separated in anticipation of a “no-fault” divorce. If you were abandoned by your spouse, then this would be listed in your separation agreement. Your attorney can talk to you about the reason for your separation to help determine what to list on the separation agreement.

Of course, when you and your spouse are planning on living separately, there are certain decisions and arrangements that have to be made. If the two of you have children together, for example, you have to worry about arranging for child custody. Child support may be ordered, too. You will also have to determine who — if anyone — will continue to live in the marital home during and after the separation period.

Once your separation agreement has been completed, it can then be filed with the state courts.

If you’re preparing to go through a divorce, you may want to start with a legal separation. Filing for a legal separation can seem upsetting and confusing, but you can make this difficult process a whole lot easier by working with a good divorce attorney who is well-versed in New York’s laws and separation and divorce processes. Then, you will have someone who is knowledgeable on your side to help you through this trying time.

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