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Can He Keep My Things Until After Our Divorce Is Settled?

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During the divorce process, many issues may arise. Untangling a marriage is not that easy. As people stay married, they tend to accumulate lots of things. They also bring things to the marriage with them. These items may have all sorts of value. There’s emotional value such as things that are meaningful because there’s a story behind them. For example, there may items they’ve brought back from their honeymoon or purchased during a vacation. There’s also financial value. Something may have intrinsic value such as a piece of jewelry or big screen television that can be resold to someone else. When a divorce continues, part of the process of determining what happens is deciding what happens to the couple’s accumulated possessions. It’s possible there may be disputes over the items. Former couples may not agree with the proper way to divide these items. Under these circumstances, it’s possible that a judge may be involved in the ultimate decisions that must be made about the division of all such items.

Where There’s a Dispute

Disputes about items between the divorcing parties are quite common. People may not agree who gets to keep what. They also may not agree with the judge or with any other party that is involved in deciding what happens during the divorce. If there is any kind of dispute, a judge will take many factors into account in deciding how to divide up all the items owned by the parties in question. All parties to the divorce should keep in mind that the judge’s word is the final word. Once a ruling has been made, it’s possible to argue with the judge but the decision in writing has the force of law. A person may not like it but they must abide by the terms of the ruling.

Each Case is Different

Each case is entirely different. In a simple divorce, the process may take only a few weeks. In that case, the decision about what’s going to happen to the problem may mean only a month if that. If another person is still holding on to items during that period, the other party can go to court to request they be returned. However, the other party should keep in mind that going through the court system can take a lot of time and effort. In that case, it may not be worth the time and effort to contact the court system. It may be better to speak with the party’s lawyer and let them know the items have not been returned. The lawyer can have a quick talk with the other person’s lawyer and see if arrangements can be made quickly before the divorce is finalized. This is often the easiest and simplest arrangement that makes sure the items are returned right now. If there are other items that are not being returned, one party may need to go to court even though the divorce is just about ready to be concluded.

A Longer Time Frame

Some divorces are very complicated. There are lots of issues that may arise from start to finish. A divorce of this kind may take weeks and even months to fully conclude. In that case, it’s crucial to be clear from the start if possible about who gets to keep what and what must be returned to the other party. It’s a good idea to set up a time table in advance before the divorce starts or as it continues. Each member of the divorce should agree to sit down and determine what they want and what the other party can keep. A divorce lawyer can help with such negotiations at this stage. They can also put any agreement in writing.

When There’s a Dispute

Disputes about when each party gets to remove items from the main location may be common. In that case, it is imperative to make sure the lawyers representing each party know that the terms of the agreement are not being met. If one party isn’t living up to the agreement to return the other party’s clothing, electronics and other items of value, it may be time to head to court. The court system can help sort out any issues of this kind and let both parties have their say. The court system can also help both parties resolve any ongoing issues. With the help of an effective divorce lawyer, any issues relating to property can be resolved quickly

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