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How much will it cost to file for divorce?

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A divorce is an important decision that most people do not undertake lightly. Divorce means severing most ties with another person on a largely permanent basis. Before making any further decisions, most people would like to have an idea of the kind of costs they will face before and during the divorce proceedings. Exact costs can be very hard to figure out. They will vary depending on many factors. This makes it hard to predict how much money may be required to complete the process. At the same time, it is possible to have a rough legal idea of the kinds of costs that each person is likely to see as the divorce continues. For example, a simple divorce with no joint property for a marriage that’s only been in place for a year or two can be easily and quickly resolved often with only a few costs such as filing fees. The same is not true of a more complicated divorce. The parties in question may have many legal issues that need to resolved such as who gets to keep the house, what kind of custody arrangements will be in place and how to divide any assets such as a retirement account.

Certain Costs

Keep in mind certain kinds of fees that are likely to pop up as the divorce begins and as it goes forward. Most couples are better off hiring a lawyer. Many couples may choose to hire their own personal lawyer who can best represent them and not the other party in the marriage. Separate lawyers mean additional fees for each lawyer. divorce lawyers typically charge on an hourly basis. The divorce lawyer may also charge for other issues related to the divorce such as filing papers as well as the services of professionals related to the case. This includes the services of paralegals who may be needed in order to work on aspects of the case. It can also include highly specific documentation that may be necessary to file in order to support the client’s case for a given desired resolution to the divorce.

A Complicated Divorce

Complicated divorces are not uncommon. Many people buy homes together and have one or more children. One parent may sacrifice large parts of their career to care for the children. A parent may also have property and other items they brought to the marriage. This can include a house and other personal possessions. In addition, these kinds of assets may be personal and professional qualifications. One party may have a professional degree in accounting or speech therapy that enables them to earn a good living. The other party may have helped finance this degree but may not have it themselves. All of these issues may need to be worked out as the divorce continues. This can increase the time that it takes to complete the divorce. In general, the longer the divorce goes on, the greater the costs that are incurred for both parties involved.

Custody Issues

Another legal area that can push up the costs of a divorce are the amount of money that each party wants to spend in order to gain custody. In many instances, both parties will agree to joint custody. However, there may be vast disagreement about the children or even the jointly owned pets. One party may want to move to another part of the country in order to be closer to family for help after the divorce. The other party may oppose this move on the grounds that this prevents them from seeing their children. In order to work out such issues, it is important for all parties involved to prove their case in a court of law. Doing so means that the lawyers may need to do things such as investigate the other person’s private life. This can add to the cost of the divorce.

The Price

A divorce may cost as little as several hundred dollars. It can also cost thousands of dollars. In general, the sooner the divorce is resolved, the lower the overall costs for all those involved. When a divorce continues to go on over several months, this will push up the costs. This is also true if the person wishes to go in front of a judge or agrees to meet with the other person in a simple office setting. It’s best to take all such costs in account before making the decision to get a divorce

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