NYC Modification of Visitation Lawyers

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Family law cases are a very emotional time for everyone involved. If there are children involved, then there is an extra level of pressure and concern for their well-being as well. If you have a case for visitation that you need to be modified, then you need the most eligible, experienced and creative attorneys on your side. You can be sure that your opposition is going to exercise every resource in their power to keep you at a disadvantage. The time to act against that is now with the dedicated New York family law attorneys of the Spodek Law Group (

– Who exactly is the Spodek Law Group?

For 36 years, the Spodek Law Group has been serving the good residents of New York from all five boroughs with dedicated family law service. Whether you are from Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn or anywhere in between, our centrally located Manhattan office is literally steps away from all of the major train junctions that connect New York City. We also have the ability to advise you over video chat if you cannot make an appointment for any reason.

For 36 years, we have cultivated knowledge and relationships within the New York family law court system that will help turn the tide in your favor. Our attorneys understand the unique personalities of the people who will be making decisions about your family. We know how to bring evidence before them in a language that they can understand. We will use both our knowledge of precedent as well as the professional personalities of our attorneys to present your case in the best possible light.

5.5% of the residents of New York City have undergone a divorce. Modification of visitation cases often come with divorce cases. If you are one of the people who fit into this category, fear not: We have plenty of experience with just this type of case. We will be able to assign you a dedicated lawyer specifically to research your case and find precedent law that will apply to you.

On top of providing you with over three decades of experience, we will also provide you and your family with the discretion that you deserve. We have represented some of the most important public figures in New York, people who have been on all of the major news networks and plenty of cable stations. We will give you the same treatment even if you are not an A-list celebrity. If you want to see exactly how we provide for our clients, you can look over the list of testimonials on our website. We pride ourselves on being able to bring you a family oriented law service that will have you feeling at home in the court and when you talk to us.

– What can the Spodek Law Group do for you in family law court?

We begin your family law case with a free assessment so that you can determine if we are a good fit. We will list our experience and our methods to you. We can also go over financial arrangements if you want. We understand that family law cases can be quite a financial burden, so our service includes making sure that you are receiving all of the financial opportunities that are available to you in other aspects of your case. If there is any money on the table for you, we will find it.

We will then assign you a three-person team that will work specifically on your case. As mentioned before, you will have one attorney who is dedicated to finding applicable precedent and other research that will help your case. You will also have two additional attorneys who will help you with courtroom strategy and represent you in front of the family law judge. We want to give you three attorneys instead of one in order to ensure that we have touched upon all aspects of your case.

We are one of the only law firms in New York that guarantees its service even after the case is over. If you feel that any part of your case has been mishandled, sit down with us and we will fix it. On top of that, we will not charge you any additional monies in order to make things right. We pride ourselves on sending our clients fourth with the ability to speak highly of us to others in your social circle. This is how we have built the reputation that has preceded us in New York, and this is how we plan to continue doing business moving forward.

No matter where you are in your case, it is never too late to have true expertise on your side. Give us a call or email us so that we can begin putting your team together for you. There is no reason that the emotions of your visitation case have to turn into logistical and financial nightmares for anyone in your family, especially your children. We look forward to helping to bring balance into your life and into the lives of your children through the New York family law court system.