Bronx Visitation Lawyers

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Visitation is an ugly word for a parent who does not have primary custody of his or her children following a divorce. Visitation in New York can be extravagant, but it can also be minimal depending on the stipulations of the agreement. If you’re the parent who has been issued visitation rights with your child or children, you might want to see if the court will provide you more time with your kids. Ideally, your ex-spouse is respectful of your relationship with the kids and happy to allow you as much time as you need with your kids.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case in custody hearings. There are some parents who don’t put the needs of their kids first, and they fight to minimize your time with your kids to punish you for their own issues with you. It’s not fair. It’s not right, and it’s not illegal if that’s what the court determines. Calling a visitation lawyer can help you start the process of gaining more time with your kids that your ex can’t take from you.

How can a visitation lawyer help me?

New York court officials go by the overwhelming rule that spending ample time with both parents is healthy for kids provided they have a good relationship with both parents and both parents are trustworthy. Kids need their parents, and the judge in every case wants to see good parents receive ample time with their kids.

However, there are issues that arise in many custody hearings. If one spouse cheated and hurt the other unbearably with their actions, that spouse might become vindictive and make false claims of neglect, abuse, or absentee parenting. These claims must be proven, but it can make your own custody battle more difficult.

A visitation attorney can help you fight these accusations and receive more time with your kids. There are always provisions to these agreements depending on the overall mental and emotional health of both parents, other children, and even stepfamilies. An attorney can help you present a case for maximum visitation as allowed by the court depending on the circumstances of your case.

Changing Your Visitation Order

Perhaps you’ve already been through the custody hearing, and you want to change the order or modify it to spend more time with your kids. It helps to call an attorney. You cannot force your child’s other parent to provide you with additional time with your kids if they’re unwilling, so taking your case to court is the only other option.

Are you relocating? Did your work schedule or career change? Did your life circumstances change? These are all grounds for modifying your visitation schedule, and each one can help you deal with the change in your child’s life as well as your own. You are free at any point following a custody agreement to call an attorney for help modifying your arrangement.

It’s helpful if your child’s other parent is in agreement with the changes from the start. This requires nothing more than filing some paperwork, obtaining some statements from both of you, and modifying the agreement. If the other parent is against this, it’s going to turn into a fight in court.

An attorney can help you spend more time with your kids, modify existing custody agreements, and change visitation rights if your life has changed. Family courts want parents to spend time with their kids, and they tend to look favorably upon parents who want more time with their kids. Make it known, hire an attorney, and focus on helping your kids get more time with you.