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Divorce is not exactly an easy process for any married couple to experience. Unfortunately, not all marriages are meant to last. Divorce proceedings become the necessary procedure to dissolving the union and doing so in, hopefully, an equitable manner.

Persons living in the Bronx must take their divorce to the New York Supreme Court. Hiring the best legal team available would definitely help those trying to navigate the divorce courts in New York.

Certain divorce cases entail much more combative litigation. Spouses fight over assets and the custody of children. Working with competent legal counsel to represent would in in the best interest of all parties involved in a divorce case. Experienced attorneys understand how difficult divorce litigation can be. Through effectively representing their clients from the beginning of litigation to the very end, the process may become less stressful and with a potentially amicable ending.

Divorce proceedings can be complicated, which is why hiring the best attorney is possible. The right attorney understands the proper and realistic approach to navigating divorce court on behalf of a client.

Uncontested Divorces

When both parties to the divorce maintain a proper agreement regarding how to divide assets, the divorce can be settled in an uncontested manner. The divorce still must go through a legal process in order to be completed without needless time delays and in compliance with the court’s requirements. Things do need to be done right so the uncontested divorce doesn’t run into the hurdles the whole idea of an uncontested divorce is supposed to avoid.

Uncontested does not necessarily mean completely easy or one-sided. Disagreements may arise among the parties. The disagreements are not likely to be major ones or else the divorce ventured into contested territory. Reliable attorney representation may allow an uncontested divorce to remain uncontested.

Contested Divorces

Contested divorces could be very complicated events.

The issues being contested may range. Questions about whether or not something is a marital asset under New York state law may be more or less ambiguous depending on the particulars of the case.

And then there is the matter of extenuating circumstances related to the divorce. What if a spouse suffered from alcoholism or was physically abusive or was an adulterer? Factors such as these may play a major role in how the assets are divided in a contested divorce.

Regardless of the core matter being contested, a client needs a solid attorney looking out for his/her best interests while seeking to get the very best judgment.

And there are many different complex issues that might arise during the proceedings.

What if one of the spouses has amassed a significant amount of debt? Are both parties required to pay half the debt equally? A spouse who played little or no role in adding to a mountain of debt might find it unfair to be responsible for the debt. A court decision might be required to determine the extent of each party’s responsibility.

Ultimately, contested divorces require both parties appearing in court in front of a judge. Clients are reliant on their lawyers arguing on their behalf in front of the judge, which is why top lawyers must be hired.

Requesting Alimony and Child Support

Discussions over alimony could be among the most contentious in divorce proceedings. Alimony in New York is referred to as “maintenance” and a significant number of criteria are examined in order to arrive at a figure. Maintenance payments may be temporary or long-term. Each party to the divorce may possess their own individual opinion of how much maintenance is fair and equitable.

One spouse in a particular case might maintain a strong argument for a lower amount of monthly maintenance payments. The other spouse may feel proposed figures are too low. Both go to the courts to argue their side.

Child support payments may not be as contentious as maintenance/alimony payments, but legal issues do need to be addressed when arriving at a figure. Additionally, questions about custody arrangements could come up during discussions over child support. Both sides could even be seeking sole custody or restrictions regarding the awarding of custody.

Problematic divorces in which one spouse shows a lack of responsibility or judgment would not be ignored by the courts when making decisions about custody. Clearly, strong representation becomes vital when petitioning the courts in any matter related to custody or support.

Help from an Attorney

Bronx family law lawyers with experience in all manner of divorce cases could provide the necessary guidance and support during complicated and anxiety-inducing divorce cases. Those whose marriages are headed towards dissolutions may find it wise to set up a meeting with such a lawyer.