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Can I change my marital status to single after the annulment?

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Most people never assume they’ll know the ins and outs of divorce or annulment in their lives. They know of it, they might know people that go through it, but they never assume their own marriage will end on either ground. Of course, it happens to many. If you find yourself unable to stay married to someone for any reason, you might decide it’s time to end things. If your relationship falls into one of the legal categories that allow you to annul your marriage rather than divorce, you might want to go that route.

Why annulment rather than divorce?

There’s nothing wrong with being divorced from someone you no longer love or respect, but you’d rather be annulled if your marriage falls onto the spectrum of legal annulment purposes. Annulling your marriage voids it completely. You are officially not married, you’ve never been married, and you are not considered a divorced person. You are a single person, and you haven’t any marriages on your record. You aren’t going to get married to your second husband later in life. Your next husband will be your first husband in the eyes of the law.

How do I annul my marriage?

If you want to erase your marriage completely, you must apply for an annulment, but you must be in a situation that allows it to happen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married five days or 50 years if you have a marriage that falls into any of the annulment categories.

– You must both be of sound mind
– You must both be capable of making decisions
– Neither of you must already be married
– There must not be fraud
– There must not be force

It’s not always easy to understand what this means. If you are drinking and decide it would be hilarious to get married in Las Vegas, you could annul your marriage on the grounds neither of you was of sound mind when the decision was made. If one of you was not a legal adult or has some sort of disability, you could state you were not capable of making a good decision on your own. If you find out his first divorce was never technically finalized in court, you can annul your marriage.

If he tells you he wants kids and you plan on having them right away after you get married only to find out he had a vasectomy years before meeting you, you can file for annulment on the grounds of fraud. If you feel threatened or marry him under duress, you can file for an annulment. The moment your annulment is complete, you are a single woman and you can legally change your name and your marital status back to single.

Your next marriage is your own marriage, and you are not considered someone who was ever married before. It doesn’t matter if your first marriage lasted two hours or 20 years. If you are in a situation where your marriage is over and you want a way out, you should see if an annulment is an option in your situation. Call an attorney to help you deal with the legal aspect of it all, and find out what you can do to end your marriage while still maintaining your legally single status. It’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds, but you should hire an attorney.

An experienced divorce attorney is someone who can help you navigate the process of ending your marriage through divorce or an annulment, and he or she can also help you determine what you want and how you want to live following your marriage. Calling an attorney can make the situation a little easier on everyone involved, and it helps with the legal difficulties that often come with filing for divorce or an annulment.

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