11 Oct 17

Can I get copies of the information used for financial disclosure?

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Making the decision to end your marriage means making the decision to change your financial life as you know it. It’s easier on those who have their own separate incomes and the ability to care for themselves without their partner. Other couples find this to be the biggest problem involved in divorce. If a man or woman stays home with the kids while the other works, they might not handle the household financial situation. They might not know how much their spouse makes, where the money goes, or even how much they pay in expenses every month.

If this seems strange to you, it might be because you handle the finances in your home or you share the finances in your home. Some people do it differently, and that puts them in a different situation when divorce is brought up. Whether you simply don’t handle the financials in your home, you handle your own, or you think you know what’s going on, you should still ask for copies of the financial information disclosed during your divorce settlement and process.

You Have the Right to This Information

The financial aspect of your divorce is important. Your financial situation is how the judge determines how much alimony you give or pay, how much child support you pay or receive, and it also helps the judge determine where the kids live and how they are going to continue their current lifestyle. If your spouse is not honest when providing his or her own financial documents, it can affect you and your kids for the rest of your life.

If you’re sitting here thinking you don’t necessarily care about your spouse’s financial situation in the moment, you should think twice. It’s fiscally responsible to double check to ensure your spouse is being honest and not attempting to hide any of his or her income so you have to pay more child support or alimony or so they aren’t required to pay as much.

How do I get copies of this information?

The way to obtain copies of this information is to ask for copies during the discovery process. This is done by asking the judge to provide you with copies of this information with a signed statement, or by asking your attorney to file a petition so you can have copies of this information yourself. Don’t think you don’t need to see them or that you know your spouse and know he or she would never do this. Ask for copies, get them, and go over them.

What if I find issues?

If you find any discrepancies in the financials you’re given, bring it up to your attorney. Ask him or her what to do, and they will talk to your spouse or his or her attorney about it. If it’s true that your spouse is lying about his or her income, the judge in your case will ask for additional information, proof, and there is a chance your spouse could end up in trouble with the court.

Even if you don’t want to hurt your spouse, you should make the court aware of any false information. This affects you, the kids you share, and the settlement you reach in the divorce. Don’t let your personal feelings get in the way of doing the right thing when it’s time to file the paperwork and finalize the divorce.

Call an Attorney

An attorney is the right person to help you through this devastating situation. Your job is to let them handle the legal aspect of your divorce so you can focus on moving on and making positive changes in your life. If you have kids, let the court help you decide who gets them and how they’ll be cared for the rest of their lives. This is a difficult situation, and your family deserves the .

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