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March 13, 2017 Our Blog

Here’s a great article by Marc Albert, a top rated Long Island car accident lawyer. If you are in the middle of an injury claim and are wondering if you should switch lawyers, there are some questions you ought to ask yourself before making that move. Sometimes, the court may deny you a request to change lawyers. In some cases, it may not be wise to hire a new lawyer, especially if the trial is about to end. The following web page will discuss some of the aspects involved with switching lawyers in a personal injury case.

Can you Change Lawyers Mid-Case?

The relationship between a lawyer and client is immune to the intervention of a judge. A judge cannot force a person to remain in a contract with a lawyer against their wish. If a person no longer believes in the services of their lawyer, they are free to discharge them and find a new lawyer. The lawyer will be required to file a withdrawal notice to be released from further responsibility in the personal injury claim. After withdrawal, the dismissed lawyer should submit the client’s original paper, and refund unused retainer funds. If the client owes the lawyer unpaid fees, the lawyer will be entitled to receive payment from any proceeds they receive when the case is finalized.

However, there are instances when a judge will turn down a withdrawal notice. If the client’s intention to switch lawyers is communicated during or on the eve of trial, the judge may deny the request on the ground that this is inconveniencing and biased towards the opposing side.

What Considerations Should Be Made When Changing Lawyers Mid Case?

Some of the factors to consider when changing legal representation mid case are:

Whether the new attorney will need a retainer, and if it is affirmative, how much it will cost
The time and effort that will be required to get the new attorney up to speed with the details of the case
Whether the new lawyer-client relationship has been repaired
What are the Grounds for Changing Lawyers Mid Case?

Incompetence of the Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is tasked with securing compensation for their client’s property damage or injuries. When the client determines that their lawyer is not competent enough to get a satisfactory ruling, they can fire their lawyer and hire another one. Some of the ways of determining a lawyer’s incompetence is by looking at their resume, and reviewing their track record. Also, when dealing with your lawyer, if you feel that they don’t inspire confidence, you ought to replace them.

Poor relationship

Though a lawyer’s role is not to act as the client’s friend, many clients want to develop rapport with their legal representatives. Many people are looking for lawyers who are warm and friendly. If despite their cold nature, you trust your lawyer as competent enough to deliver you a good ruling, you should keep them. However, if you and your lawyer do not get along, lack of a good working relationship could ruin your chances of a good settlement, and it would be better to find another lawyer.

Communication Breakdown

One of the complaints that most client make to lawyer disciplinary commissions, is that their lawyers are not responding to calls. If you are unable to reach your lawyer, this is a clear sign that you need to replace them. It could mean your lawyer is understaffed and does not have someone to respond to their calls. It could also mean that your lawyer is incompetent. If your lawyer fails to return calls, emails, or letters, this communication breakdown could work against your case.

Breach of Trust

The relationship between a lawyer and their client is based on trust. If a lawyer breaks the trust of their client, or discloses information that was disclosed by their client in secret, they may be disbarred for breaking the laws on lawyer-client privilege. If you think for any reasonable cause that your lawyer is not trustworthy, it would be advisable to replace them before they disclose information that will ruin your case.

Replacing lawyers mid case is common in personal injury cases. Sometimes lawyers fall short of their client’s expectations; therefore, one has to replace them to save their case. However, before rushing to hire a new lawyer, you need to make the considerations mentioned above, and ensure that you have reasonable grounds for firing your current lawyer.

What if my attorney is dragging out the divorce?

A divorce is often a frustrating, arduous process, especially when there’s a great deal of contesting or complications. Divorce agreements involve many different factors. They’re basically a legal way of untangling people’s lives. Financial issues and child custody agreements are some of the most hotly contested details in a divorce agreement. But divorces can sometimes be prolonged for other reasons. Either spouse’s attorney might intentionally cause a delay in the proceedings. This might occur for several different reasons.

It’s common for an attorney to delay a proceeding when the finalization of the divorce is undergoing negotiation. The primary reason for holding out is often financial. In addition, in certain states that allow legal separation, either attorney may have the goal of convincing their client that legal separation is the best step for them.

Formal legal separation allows the spouses to have two full years to decide whether or not they will divorce. It also allows either spouse to begin “no fault” divorce proceedings following the expiration of the time period. This might benefit the lawyers thanks to adding more billable hours. If a couple separates and then divorces, rather than just divorcing, the proceedings will last much longer.

This tactic is often used by larger law firms that are focused more on money than clients. They might not have their focus on finalizing a divorce agreement. It helps to make sure your lawyer is experienced in divorce cases, able to successfully negotiate, and passionate about advocating for you.

Your Attorney’s Focus

When you’re in the middle of a divorce, you and your spouse will often be focused on finishing the proceedings as fast as possible so you can move on. Many divorcing couples want their divorce to be finalized so they can get remarried. But the attorney’s job is to make sure the divorce agreement they negotiate reflects the best interests of their client.

The attorney needs to take into account all the details that the divorcing couple may not be thinking about. They need to consider the needs of any dependent children, the equal distribution of property, and the financial stability and security of their client. If either spouse is impatient, the final agreement might be found disproportionately in favor of one of the spouses.

If you’re in a hurry to settle your case, you may be frustrated with the meticulousness of your lawyer. But keep in mind the amount of information your attorney is juggling. They may be struggling to negotiate proper terms of an agreement.

In New York, the state grants divorces if they meet certain reasons. Every case must qualify. Certain divorce cases might cause one spouse to pay increased alimony to the other due to discrepancies in their income. These types of cases are often hotly contested and can involve many sessions of careful negotiation.

Mediating and Communicating

There are many divorce proceedings in which both couples are agreeable about the divorce. They may be able to communicate in a civil way that is at least partially constructive. When this is the case, the attorney may make an itemized list of all the details that need to be considered in the agreement. Both representative attorneys will go back and forth with their settlement negotiations until they find something that is equitable for all parties.

Negotiations tend to take a long time when there are complicating factors. Dependent children are the most common complicating factor. Parents are aware that their divorce may have a negative impact on their child, and so they try to work together for the mental health of the child. When everyone has the best interests of the child at heart, this can help smooth negotiations.

When divorces are finalized, child custody tends to be the most complicated issue. The spouses need to devise a workable parenting plan that’s good for their child, but they also need to begin leading their separate lives. If attorneys are purposefully delaying the proceedings for no reason, a couple may negotiate child custody terms without them.

In many cases, the best answer to a dallying lawyer is to replace them with a new lawyer. This will cause the proceedings to speed up significantly. It helps for the divorcing spouses to request a mediation meeting so that the court doesn’t hand down an arbitrary, unsatisfying ruling.

When a married couple is immature during divorce proceedings, the judge tends to treat them like children. Being cooperative is much more likely to yield an ideal outcome.



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