21 Jul 16

Corporal Injury on a Spouse/Mate

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The charge of inflicting a corporate injury on a spouse or mate claims that you have performed a violent act on someone close to you. The penalties of such a crime are severe in the state of New York. Therefore, you will want to secure the representation of a reliable, seasoned and honorable criminal defense attorney to fight on your behalf. Such attorneys can review your case and then develop a strategy to protect your integrity and reputation. You should contact the attorney as quickly as possible to maximize your protection.

The Concept of Corporal Injury

Corporal punishment is the act of inflicting physical pain on someone in the household. The crime of corporal punishment is a crime that includes hitting the other person with objects, spanking, punching, kicking, strangling or otherwise handling the person in a manner that causes him or her to suffer trauma. Any form of physical contact can result in the victim’s suffering from personal trauma.

Penalties for Corporal Injuries

The penalties that result from a conviction for a corporal injury can be embarrassing as well as reputation shattering. First, the crime itself can constitute a jail term of up to one year for a misdemeanor count and 15 years or more for a felony count. Secondly, the offender may have to pay fines. Another penalty that can occur from an act of corporal injury is that the offender may receive a restraining order that states that the person can have no contact with the victim for a set amount of time. In addition to all those penalties, the offender may also have to pay for any counseling services that the victim may receive. Furthermore, the criminal record can prevent the person from getting a job or a home of his or her choice in the future.

Defenses for a Corporal Injury Charge

Defending a case for corporal injury will be complicated. Generally, the court does not ask the victim to prove that he or she suffered from trauma because of the corporal injury. Instead, the case naturally leans against the defendant. One defense that may work in a marital situation is that the two parties were involved in consensual roughhousing. The roughhousing may have been an act of spicing up the couple’s romantic life. The defendant’s attorney may also challenge the charge completely and claim that he or she did not perform the act at all.

How an Attorney Can Assist

A reliable criminal defense attorney serves multiple purposes in this type of case. First, the person serves as a confidant and an information gatherer. The attorney can also act as a defender and protector by challenging the charges and requesting a dismissal if the police did not conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion or they missed a procedural step. The attorney will try to prove you innocent, as well. Moreover, this person will act as a negotiator if you happen to receive a guilty conviction.

Call the in the Area

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