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What if I don’t trust my lawyer’s advice on the divorce?

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You need to rely on the expertise of a lawyer when going through a rough divorce. There might come a time when the lawyer gives you advice that you simply cannot accept. You do not have to listen to the attorney. You can take action. Here is what to do if you do not trust your lawyer’s advice about the divorce.

Consider the Facts and State of Your Divorce

Your first action should be to step back and consider all the facts and state of your divorce so far. You want to understand all aspects of the divorce as they stand presently. This is an important step because you should be able to see why your lawyer was providing the advice that you do not agree with. Look at every detail and try to comprehend the position of your lawyer before moving on. This step is also critical because you want to be able to speak from an informed position about the divorce proceedings.

Request an In-Person Meeting Right Away

Your next step should be to request an in-person meeting with your lawyer right away. Do not rely in phone calls or emails. You need to communicate as clearly and unambiguously as possible. Speak honestly but politely with your attorney. Express your doubts about the advice that you have been given. Ask for an explanation as to why the lawyer thinks that way. Describe in detail why you want to follow a different strategy. Remember that your attorney works for you. The lawyer should do what you want if it is within reason. A meeting with your attorney can sometimes solve the problem and clear up misunderstandings quickly.

Seek Out a Second Opinion

If you are unsatisfied with what happened during the meeting with your attorney, then seek out a second opinion immediately. You want to talk to another unrelated divorce lawyer in the area. You can often schedule a consultation or an hour of time with a new attorney. You want to describe what is happening with your divorce at the moment. You should then talk about the advice your current lawyer is providing. Another attorney might let you know that the advice is wrong or detrimental. If the second opinion does not support your attorney, then it is time to take serious action.

Find a New Divorce Attorney

If you and your attorney do not seem to be communicating well or agreeing on a strategy, then it is time to find someone else. Start searching for a skilled divorce lawyer in your area. Interview the possible lawyers in person. Look for someone who communicates well with you. Avoid lawyers who seem to have excessive caseloads. Ask questions about your case and the ways the attorney would approach it. Do not stop looking until you are satisfied completely with an attorney.

Fire Your Existing Lawyer

You will need to fire your existing lawyer once your find a new attorney. Do not do this until you have found someone else so that there is no delay in your divorce proceedings. You really want to terminate the previous lawyer in person. You might also want to send a certified letter to the attorney to make things clear if communication is a problem. Make certain that you act fast since changing lawyers late in a divorce could actually set you back significantly.

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