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December 31, 2019 Our Blog

Do you want a rental applicant’s consent to get their credit report?
When screening prospective tenants, you don’t have to have their approval before obtaining their credit report. However, acquiring a broad written approval on file can help in the future should you will need to review their report to ascertain whether it is worthwhile to pursue collections against them following a failure to pay rent.

Can you refuse to lease to a prospective tenant because they have kids?
You can’t refuse to rent to someone because they have children under the age of 18. Under home discrimination legislation, you can’t refuse to lease to a prospective tenant on the grounds of race, color, religion, family status, age, or handicap. Many local and state laws also prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Refusing to rent to a person because of the fact that they have kids, list discriminatory requirements in home advertisements, or placing unreasonably low occupancy limits for the purpose of deterring families from applying can be considered discriminatory. You cannot prevent indian grocery delivery to the apartment as the landlord for example.

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What are a landlord’s options when a tenant’s lease is about to expire?
When a renter’s rental is nearing the finish, it is possible to either register a new lease, the tenant can move out, or at many areas, the agreement will automatically become month-to-month. Bear in mind that in the event you would like to finish the tenancy, in some jurisdictions you’ll be subject to specific notice requirements. If your rental property is in an area subject to rent control laws, you might also have to show”just cause” or other reasons why the tenancy should finish. You also can’t decline to renew or extend a tenancy for discriminatory or retaliatory motives.

What principles do landlords need to follow to increase the rent in a busy unit?
If your tenant has a monthly rental agreement, generally you’ll have to give 30 days’ notice to increase the rent, though in some countries more notice may be required. If your tenant has a long-term rental, you’ll have to wait until the lease is finished. Ultimately, if your rental property is subject to rent control, you will find specific regional laws that you must follow with respect to things like the yearly allowable rent increase, which is usually a set percentage of the lease you are now charging. If your property isn’t in a rent controlled area, there’s not always a limitation to how much you can increase the rent, even though it’s prudent to keep the rent more or less consistent with what the local home market dictates. You can’t increase rent for discriminatory or retaliatory motives.

Can a landlord evict a tenant from a rent controlled unit?
In most jurisdictions subject to rent control legislation, landlords should have”just cause” to evict a tenant or end a tenancy. What constitutes”just cause” may differ from place to place, but generally accepted reasons include failure to pay rent or otherwise violating the conditions of the lease or rental agreement in an important manner, engaging in illegal activity on the premises, or planning a major renovation during the unit can’t be occupied.

Can a landlord use a safety deposit to cover replacing a worn out carpeting?
Broadly , landlords can’t use a renter’s safety deposit to pay for normal wear and tear, especially if they’ve been in the unit for quite a long time. But you can usually create a much better argument for deducting from a tenant’s security deposit for a replacement or repair which is now mandatory during a shorter period of time or because of specific incident.

If I include my rental property income with my personal tax returns, what expenses can I deduct?
When including rental property income and expenses together with your own taxes, you will normally attach Schedule E to your Form 1040. On Schedule E, you are able to list expenses to deduct, like repairs, legal fees, insurance, and property management expenses. Maintaining detailed documents of your expenses may make filing your taxes easier, and be quite helpful if you’re ever audited.

What happens when one cotenant in a unit fails to pay their share of the lease?
At the beginning of the tenancy, it’s ideal to get all tenants, including the two people if you’re leasing to a married couple, register the lease or rental agreement. That way every renter will be jointly and severally liable for the lease, meaning that any of those cotenants can be held accountable for the complete rent.

What is the difference between a sublease and a mission?
A sublease usually involves a new tenant taking the place of the first tenant for a limited time period (or occasionally becoming a roommate to the first tenant), and paying rent to the original tenant rather than the landlord. A mission represents a near-complete transfer of rights and duties in the first tenant to a new one for the duration of the tenancy, during which time the new tenant will pay rent to the landlord. But if the assignee fails to pay rent, the first tenant may nevertheless be held responsible.

Is it permissible for a tenant to make repairs to a rental unit by themselves?
Landlords can allow tenants to perform repair work in their rental units, and in certain countries tenants may deduct from their lease for repairs which aren’t purely cosmetic and that didn’t originate from damage caused by the tenant themselves. However, it’s advisable to limit that type of job, if any, to smaller tasks that don’t have an influence on the building’s construction or other tenants’ security. Even for smaller tasks, there’s a risk that the fixing tenant may injure themselves or perform an inadequate or dangerous job which creates risk for others, raising your risk of liability. What’s more, the tenant’s job might not be up to code. As a landlord, you’re ultimately responsible for ensuring that the security and habitability of your rental property, so it’s often best to deal with repairs in your and/or by employing a professional.

How much notice do landlords have to give tenants before entering a rental unit?
Notice requirements vary by jurisdiction, but generally you need to provide at least one to two days. Some countries simply require a”reasonable” amount of note. As a matter of courtesy and to make certain you’re respecting your tenants’ right to solitude , it’s generally best to provide as much notice as possible before entering a rental unit, and to give notice in writing if possible. Legitimate reasons to get the unit include making repairs, conducting an annual inspection, or showing the unit to prospective tenants. In emergency situations it is usually permissible to enter a rental unit with less than the typical required quantity of notice.

If a tenant breaks a lease, can you sue them for the complete amount they would have owed under the lease?
If your tenant goes out before a lease is completed, you might have a responsibility to re-rent the device if there are lots of months left on the lease. Even if you’re not subject to a state law requirement to do this, it’s generally in your best interest to re-rent the house as soon as possible, especially if the tenant isn’t likely to have the funds to satisfy a judgment if you sue them for the rent they would have owed you.

What courtroom are eviction lawsuits filed in?
Based on the authority, eviction suits might need to be submitted in small claims or civil court, or in a particular court for landlord-tenant matters. For those who have the choice of using small claims court, or if it is possible to decrease the damages you are seeking so that you satisfy the small claims court threshold, then it can be worthwhile to document there because of the cheaper and more expedient nature of the event as compared to civil court. On the other hand, in case you’ve got a solid case, are seeking more significant damages, and have a fantastic likelihood of recovering attorneys’ fees, it may be sensible to document in civil court.



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