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Though the New York State Unified Court System provides all the forms necessary to file a contested or uncontested divorce, they do not recommend divorcing without a lawyer. No one expects your best friend and business partner for life to quit without putting up a fight. No one expects a divorcing spouse to know the outcome of every decision or to consider your needs right up to the judge who signs the final order of divorce. Our divorce lawyers are prepared to mediate, negotiate, resolve disputes, or litigate complex family matters from domestic violence, child custody, and child support to the complex division of marital property, assets, and debts.

Successful Divorce

The process of divorce is planning a successful future for all parties to the divorce including your children. Though you are in a state of emotional upheaval, you have to decide where and how you and your children will live, how to divide marital assets and debt, and how separately and together you’ll pay for the children’s needs and for the divorce. Our family law firm has 50+ years of experience representing clients in the process of divorce.

Child Custody

Our insight and understanding of the law can help you plan for your future. You need legal representation to preserve your rights. Our family law lawyer can work diligently with you to reach an amicable agreement to benefit you and your children. Our attorney can help you with:

Child custody and support
⦁ Visitation
⦁ Relocation
⦁ Modification of existing orders

The parent with legal custody makes the important decisions in your children’s lives until they are 18 years-old. Physical custody is where the children are domiciled. A joint custody agreement allows the children to live with each parent. Joint custody reduces the financial burden for parents who want equal rights when raising their children.


Spousal maintenance, alimony, is awarded temporarily or permanently at judicial discretion with no set guidelines. Temporary alimony helps the lower-income spouse maintain a satisfactory standard of living. Permanent alimony is only awarded to long-term spouses supported financially for many years.

Parental Rights

Even if your divorce was preceded by domestic violence or the arrest of a spouse, you have rights even if you have no money. Our long island family lawyer provides counsel and supports victims of domestic violence. Our divorce lawyer skillfully drafts motions and legal pleadings and is adroit and thoughtful while paying attention to minute details in child custody and visitation issues. Our multilingual attorneys speak fluent Polish and Russian, and they prefer dispute resolution over litigation in your personal family matters.

Orders of Protection

Even if you’re suddenly facing an order of protection, our family law attorney can help you preserve your rights to visit with your children. Our family law office will strive for the best possible outcome in your case. Your children have the right to both parents. Our family law firm can help you prove paternity and modify existing child custody and child support orders when necessary.


It is important that fathers maintain consistent relationship with their children. Children raised by both parents are well-adjusted and motivated. They grow up with high self-esteem. Exercising your rights as a father is the best gift you can give your children. Joint custody of your children advances equal rights for their mother.

Child Support

Child support is enforced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Office of Child Support Enforcement. The New York minimum child support per child from a noncustodial parent living below the poverty level is $300 per child. If joint custody is awarded and each parent provides equally for the children, no child support will be awarded.

Factors considered by the State of New York when child support is awarded are: the number of children involved, the comparative income of each parent, alimony, medical insurance payments, and payments for daycare while the custodial parent works. The New York Court provides a Child Support Worksheet Form UD-8(3) to help you calculate your financial obligations to your children.

Division of Marital Assets

Our family law lawyers know clear concise communication helps clients save time and money. You must divide your marital assets and assume debt. Understanding and agreeing on the task will help you avoid excessive court appearances and legal fees. Our law firm can help you plan your future:

⦁ Business interests
⦁ Retirement funds
⦁ Real estate
⦁ Investments

You may want to protect your assets or plan for the succession of your business or exempt organization. You have taxation issues to consider. Our divorce lawyer can help you mediate a fair settlement with your spouse. Our family law attorney is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey. Your initial consultation in one of our three conveniently located New York City offices for an evaluation of your intimate family law matter is free.