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When ’til death do us part goes terribly wrong and an impending divorce is on the line, the legal expertise and guidance of a Manhattan family lawyer provides the light at the end of the tunnel, alleviating much of the stress and worry associated with divorce. It is always beneficial to have a family law attorney representing your case during this difficult time in your life.

Facts About Divorce: A Few Things You Should Know

Spodek Law Group wants to share a few divorce facts and statistics with you. This information may help ease your worries and woes of a pending divorce in your life.

– The current U.S. divorce rate is 3.2 per 1,000 people

– Nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce

– About 1% of same-sex marriages end in divorce

– There is a divorce in America every 14 seconds

– In the same tie that it takes a couple to say their vows during a marriage ceremony, nine people have divorced

– First marriages that end in divorce last an average of 8 years

– Couples between the ages of 25 – 39 are most likely to divorce

– Catholics are least likely to divorce while couples earning $20,000 or less annually are most likely to divorce

Additionally, couples planning a divorce who use a divorce attorney have far greater success in the outcome of their case. Even marriages that have been on shaky ground for some time leave emotions running high. A lawyer minimizes the emotions you’re experiencing while digging deep into the case to ensure that the truth is revealed. Coming out on the winning end of the stick is the ultimate goal of the divorce attorney.

Manhattan Divorce Support & Guidance

Spodek Law Group is Manhattan’s trusted family law attorney, providing the legal expertise for the specific issues surrounding your divorce case. Each divorce is unique, and Spodek Law Group gives the undivided attention needed to win your case. In addition to assisting with the divorce proceedings, the family law attorney can assist with other matters that surround the case, such as child custody, spousal support, child custody, and more.

Supportive, compassionate guidance during your legal matter minimizes the hardships surrounding a divorce. Although no one can understand exactly what you are going through, empathizing, and legal expertise, definitely minimizes the hardships you are facing at this most difficult time in your life. Spodek Law Group uses winning strategies to ensure the outcome in your divorce case. Wining your case is what matters most and with the support and expertise provided to your case with Spodek Law Group by your side, you can put your worries to rest.

Why You Need a Manhattan Family Lawyer

When you’ve spent years in a committed relationship, there’s always emotions tied into dissolving that relationship, even when things have gone south. Spodek Law Group understands that you’re dealing with a stressful situation and works diligently to see you through with the legal expertise that gets the outcome that you want and divorce.

Many people are unaware of the life-altering consequences that come with a divorce. But it is certainly realistic that a divorce case can turn your life upside down. That risk is minimized with a family law attorney on your side.

A divorce lawyer provides an abundance of assistance during your divorce case. When there is an attorney handling your case, you can expect:

Arranging meditation
Assists with all the paperwork involved in a divorce proceeding
Assistance with other matters involved in a divorce, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and more
Minimizes the contact between yourself and spouse
Ensures you receive the possible outcome in the case

With an attorney representing you in court, there is simply a peace of mind and certainty that you don’t get going to court alone. When there is so much on the line, the legal assistance offered by an attorney is second-to-none.

Some divorce cases are cut and dry, in and out of the courtroom without a hitch. Most divorce cases, however, are just the opposite, taking several court appearances and attorney battles to dissolve. Spodek Law Group is there, ready to go to war for you, whether it is a simple divorce case or one in which aggressive lawyering skills are required. Deemed as one of New York City’s most talented law firms, Spodek Law Group isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to win your case.

Family law is a legal practice area that addresses matters pertaining to relationships within the family. These matters may involve divorce, adoption, Child Custody and child support. Most of the issues involving family law are sensitive in nature and can become highly emotional.

Child Support

Child support is one of the most troubling issues in family law. New York State laws govern child support, but judges are often accorded some discretion. In Manhattan, child support is handled in a different way from visitation and child custody. The income of both parents is combined when calculating child support. If the cumulative income of both parents is less than $130,000, the total amount payable for support is 17 percent of the parent’s income after deductions.

Child Custody

A child can only live with one parent after divorcing in Manhattan. The New York State courts often put the child’s interests first when making custody decisions. Judges are mandated with the task of determining child custody, including the level of access given to each parent.


A court can grant both parents visitation rights or deny one of them. This depends on the circumstances that led to the separation. Incidences such as domestic violence, drug abuse or any other extreme circumstances may affect the parent’s child custody rights. Parents usually decide the visitations schedule. In situations where both parents are unable to agree on a suitable schedule, the court may decide based on what is for the child.

Paternity Issues

The State of New York recognizes the importance of bringing up children in a comfortable environment. That is why the law grants the legal father of a child various rights and responsibilities, such as child support, visitation rights and the right to notification in case of events like medical emergencies. The court usually considers factors such as DNA results and the parent’s criminal records when determining paternity.


The adopting parents are required by the law to seek certification from the court before they take any child as their own. The New York State does not have any restrictions on the genders of the adopting parents. However, both parents must be residents of the state for at least three months to be eligible for adoption.


Alimony is the payment made to a spouse from another after finalizing their divorce. The main purpose of alimony in Manhattan is to ensure that both parties continue to live the same way they did while they were married. Alimony ends with the death of the supporting spouse or remarriage of the supported spouse.

Other Areas of Practice in Family Law

Family law is a broad legal area. Other common areas of practice include division of marital property, parent relocation, name change, termination of parenting rights, legal separation agreement, annulment and restraining orders.

Dealing With Family Issues in Manhattan

The way to deal with issues revolving around family relationship is to seek legal advice. Legal assistance is even more important in situations where other family members are involved. An attorney will help you navigate the complex legal processes associated with family law. As a person who has a lot of experience in family law, the attorney will ensure that you make the right choices based on your situation. He will take you through the mediation process and defend your position to the of his ability.

Choosing to work with a lawyer will save you time and money. A lawyer will collect all the necessary documents, make court appearances and conduct relevant research on your behalf, giving you enough time to focus on family and career. In some cases, the lawyer may solve the issues without the need for litigation.

Another advantage of hiring a lawyer is the fact that he takes care of your interests first. He will help you sort out sensitive family issues in the most respectable way possible. He will negotiate with other parties involved in the dispute and arrive at a solution that favors you.

In short, a competent lawyer will help you relax, even if you have serious family issues such as divorce, separation or child custody. You can be rest assured your family matters will be handled in a professional manner while you continue with your normal life.


Family issues such as divorce, child custody, separation and annulment have the potential to change your life for the worse if not handled carefully. You need someone who has an in-depth knowledge of family law to help you take care of such issues legally. Hiring a lawyer who does not have the experience and qualifications needed will only make the situation worse.

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