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Alimony, known as Maintenance Support after 2016, is a monetary award granted by a judge during or after a divorce proceeding. The money is given to a spouse who received the majority of his or her support from the other party during the course of the marriage. Maintenance support is granted based on need and is intended as a form of payment that helps the individual sustain in life. Maintenance support payments are used on a temporary basis only, although the judge hearing the case decides the number of months/years of the award.


Maintenance Support Lawyers in Manhattan


Many people ask themselves if they need an alimony support lawyer. Just the thought running through your mind is enough to say that a lawyer is needed. Maintenance support lawyers in Manhattan provide legal expertise and guidance to both payees and payers in need of assistance when troubles arise. With a team of legal experts handling your alimony maintenance case, a successful outcome is something you can expect, regardless of the end of the battle you’re on.


Although it isn’t easy to go to court for support -related issues, it is best to handle them immediately rather than allow them to simmer for months on end. An attorney has your back, providing support, knowledge, and aggressive fighting techniques when the situation calls for such. Appearing in court without an attorney is scary, as the outcome is uncertain and you lack the comfort that only a lawyer offers. Don’t sit in the courtroom with worry and wonder, without an attorney representing your case.


But Why Hire a NYC Maintenance Support Lawyer?


To put it bluntly, maintenance support laws are difficult, hard-to understand, and with recent updates to the laws, often misunderstood or misconstrued by the average person. When an attorney handles your case, that worry is gone. Lawyers understand maintenance support completely, as well as the right steps to take in your case to come out with a victory at the end of the day.


NYC maintenance support lawyers are up-to-date on the laws surrounding this matter. If you have questions, they have answers. If there are issues surrounding the maintenance support, they’re unafraid to look for the evidence needed to win a case. Maintenance Support lawyers will handle all the necessary paperwork associated with this type of case. One error in the paperwork, and your case could easily be thrown out of court. Say farewell to those worries with an attorney guiding you through the case. When there is an attorney handling your maintenance support case, a successful outcome is always an expectation, no matter your position in the case.


Who Needs a Maintenance Support Lawyer?


An alimony support lawyer is needed by both the awardee and the payee when issues arise in their case. If a judge awarded alimony, but the payments aren’t being made, an attorney can help you. If you were ordered to pay spousal support and feel the amount is unjust or otherwise have questions or concerns, a law firm can also provide legal expertise in your matter. An attorney offers help to those seeking maintenance support from their spouse.


Spodek Law Firm: Manhattan Maintenance Support Legal Experts


Free consultations from Spodek Law Group provide an inside glimpse into your case, helping divulge the next steps best for you to take. There’s no obligation to take advantage of the consultation, but if you want a NYC maintenance support lawyer who works hard to win your case, there’s no better place to turn for your legal guidance.


Spodek Law Group specializes in maintenance support, divorce, and other family law cases. The firm understands that the situation is oftentimes stressful, and you want nothing more than to move on with your life. This firm works diligently to get your case in and out of the courtroom as quickly as possible, all while securing a win in your case.


When it is an experienced lawyer dedicated to your case and getting the results that you want, it is Spodek Law Group you need on your side. With years of experience and legal expertise, this law firm provides clients the assurance they need during this most difficult time in their life. Knowing that you are being represented by one of the best firms in NYC is a comfort. Make sure that it is a comfort you enjoy.