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In today’s world, couples continue to get married. Unfortunately, they also continue to get divorced. While some divorces are amicable, those that have children often become just the opposite. As a result, the custodial parent will seek child support from the other parent in an effort to ensure their child will not lack anything they need, such as clothing or food. Yet while many parents willingly pay child support month after month to help their child as much as possible, some choose to do just the opposite. If you find yourself needing additional information on child support law and how a lawyer can help with this important legal aspect, read on to learn more.

The Basics of Child Support
While a child support decree can be completed to include the child’s needs at the time of the divorce, it can also be modified when necessary along the way. Since the child support order remains in effect until the child reaches the age of majority, it’s almost inevitable that it will need to be changed as the years go by, such as when parents and children relocate or if a health situation arises that requires more money for the child’s care. In addition, a child support order can be multi-jurisdictional, meaning multiple states may become involved if necessary.

Calculating Child Support
Once it’s decided child support will be part of a divorce settlement, both parents must attempt to determine the amount of child support to be paid. Because this is such an important matter, state statutes offer specific guidelines for calculating child support payments. While some states have developed specific worksheets to help parents with this process, it’s vital to also consult with an experienced child support lawyer before submitting any financial documents to the court. In many child support cases, this can be the most difficult point for both parties to agree upon, and often requires a hearing before a judge to finalize any details. If a hearing becomes necessary, it’s vital to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney present as well, ensuring the best interests of you and your child will be protected. Additional information on this topic can be found at Your text to link….

Child Support Enforcement
If there is one area of child support that often requires the assistance of a skilled child support attorney, it’s enforcing a child support agreement that is being violated. According to the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, district attorneys are required to help a parent collect child support if needed. Along with this, an experienced child support lawyer can discuss the various ways that the money owed can be collected. Since a child support order is essentially a civil judgement, the court has a variety of ways to collect unpaid child support. Among the most commonly used are wage garnishments, seizure of bank accounts and personal property, and placing liens on real estate. In situations where extreme enforcement measures must be taken, the court may suspend a driver’s license and passports, and possibly even sentence a person to jail. For more details on child support enforcement procedures, visit Your text to link….

Child Support Obligation
Contrary to what many parents believe, the obligation to pay child support is independent of other rights and responsibilities of the non-custodial parent. For example, a judge will often decide child support responsibilities and visitation rights at the same hearing, which often leads the non-custodial parent to think both issues are mutually dependent, when in fact they are not. Because of this, even if visitation issues arise and the custodial parent denies visitation, the original child support must be paid. In these situations, consulting with an experienced child support attorney can help in gaining a better understanding of the expectations and rights of each parent.

Why Hire an Attorney?
Needless to say, there are multiple reasons why you should hire an attorney who has the experience and knowledge needed to guide you through these complex cases. For example, if the divorce is not amicable, it may be difficult for you to deal directly with the other parent. Along with this, your attorney can ensure the other parent and their attorney do not unnecessarily delay the proceedings, helping you gain the money needed to properly care for your child.

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