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Family law ( is defined as a series of laws and case precedents that govern the responsibilities of people who have a domestically connected relationship. Family law remains an increasingly stressful type of law because the individuals involved are linked emotionally as well as financially. For that reason, a person having legal family issues is greatly advised to retain a lawyer who is well versed in this specialized type of law.

What Situations May Cause a Person to Need a Family Law Expert?

Most of the people who need a family law lawyer do so because of the end of a romantic relationship or marriage. Some of the issues a family law counselor assists a person with include:

• Separations.
• Annulments.
• Divorce.
• Alimony.
Child custody.
• Visitation rights.
Child or other types of support.
Division of property.

People married for a short period may desire an annulment. Two sex-couples and single sex couples sometimes need divorces. Even people living together may need a lawyer if they break up with a long-time partner or if children are involved.
While some couples can live with their state’s default laws about dividing property or gaining support for you or your children, many couples don’t go along with the basic state requirements. In fact, many individuals need a lawyer to represent them through a relationship’s dissolution, especially when there are children involved. Even in uncontested divorces, a lawyer can help ensure that their clients get what they deserve.

During the process of a contested divorce, the spouses especially need legal representation to ensure their rights are protected. The lawyer may be able to discover hidden assets, aid the couple in determining visitation and can help take a client’s spouse to court if all negotiations fail.
Family law also exists to prevent physical and emotional abuse between spouses. In fact, having legal representation also prevents physical and emotional abuse between a spouse and children or a spouse and elderly family members. A good lawyer may determine that the situation needs a restraining order for the further protection of the parties involved.

What Types of Questions Can Your Family Law Lawyer Answer for Their Clients?

The government has always been involved in the legal matters of families and children to protect their rights. For that reason, there are many laws regarding the family. Some of the family law questions a lawyer can assist their clients with ( include:

• Is my relationship legally valid? When did it become valid?
• What are a couple’s personal and financial responsibilities individually and towards each other?
• How can I continue to provide a stable living situation for my children?
• How can I support myself? I have been raising children and not working outside the home for years
• Can I get financial assistance to help raise the children?
• Who will have custody of my children?
• Who will influence my children’s religion, education and take care of their health care?
• Does have to have our children if he or she is unfit?
• How much child support or alimony does a spouse need to pay?
• Is my spouse hiding income or assets to avoid paying child support or alimony?
• What happens if my spouse doesn’t pay alimony or child support?
• What happens if my former spouse tried to abduct my children?
• What are a stepparent’s rights and duties?
• I think my elderly parent is no longer able to care for themselves? What can I do to keep them safe?
• Can you help my situation? I’m in an LGBT relationship.
• My spouse is abusive. How do I safely leave this relationship?

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