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A Legal Separation Lawyer: A Lawyer For The Transition Phase

A Legal Separation Lawyer: A Lawyer For The Transition Phase

Legal separation is not the same as divorce, as people often mistake it to be. When a court of law refers to legal separation, they mean two parties who are living separate, but who are still married to each other. It is usually the thing that people tend to seek when they are in the process of getting a divorce, or just before that. Most times, legal separation ends up in a divorce settlement, but it is, after all, a process in itself that should not be taken lightly, Getting a good legal separation lawyer is essential to ensure that you have a smooth process and don’t encounter any hiccups along the way. Legal separation can be hard for many reasons, which is why it is important to have someone by your side who can guide you and help you make rational decisions that work for your benefit.

When Should You Opt For A Legal Separation Lawyer

1. To Get Proper Maintenance

There are many things that take place when one seeks legal separation. For starters, either spouse has to pay the other a certain amount of legal maintenance. This amount is usually set by the court of law, or in some cases, behind closed doors. Whatever the means of settling this amount, having legal aid by your side during this process can help you in understanding the finer aspects of this, and help you get the best deal out of the legal separation.

2. To Get Child Custody

Legal separations and divorces often involve children. Parents often face the most significant fights over who gets to have the main custody of the child, which often ends up in a court of law. During legal separation, one parent does get primary custody of a child, while the other gets either partial custody, visitation, or no custody at all, depending on the kind of situation the parties are dealing with. Child custody is a sensitive topic, which is why it becomes hard for the parties involved to decide without getting their emotions involved. This often results into hasty decisions, which may end up working against the parties favor, than for. Having a good separation lawyer on your side helps give you an additional perspective to the issue, helping you come to a proper decision and agreement. Lawyers always work in the best interests of the client, to ensure that they get what they deserve, and to ensure that they stay on track during the proceedings and trials of this process.

3. To Divide Property

Property division is also an essential aspect of legal separation. While the court of law does not divide the property during this period, it does decide who gets what assets and properties for the time being, and helps them come to an agreement about the living arrangements of both parties if not agreed on already. Separation lawyers help their clients get the assets that they need during this period, and ensure that nothing essential is ever left out.

Helping With The Next Step

Legal separation is a trial process before a couple decides definitively, that they do want to go through with a divorce. This time can end up in either direction, either with the couple breaking the legal separation and living together once again, or going through with a divorce agreement. Whichever direction the party might choose, there are a lot of formalities that need to be done to ensure the proper transition of this phase. Separation lawyers know how to deal with this, and are well versed in dealing with cases of varying kinds, which is why they are a necessity to have by your side during these times.

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