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Divorces take a toll on both parties but no party is so vulnerable as the beloved children that must also be a subject during a divorce. Child custody is one of the most sensitive of all divorce subjects and the one subject with the most at stake. We realize that. Our divorce lawyers bring four decades of experience with them into every single case that they work on, and this is vital to every case because of things like child relocation laws. While a married couple with no children can pretty much go anywhere they want to go during and after a divorce, a parent with joint custody or primary custody can’t simply pack up and leave every time they want to. The other parent has a right to know where their child is going to be, and most of the time this means that spontaneously relocating in the middle of a divorce proceeding or after it will always be an issue for your lawyer.

Our lawyers have worked on thousands of cases dealing with custody and relocation. This area of practice is among the most important in all of divorce law. In all cases, the best interests of the child must be considered because a child needs a relationship with both parents during and after a divorce. Not only this, but when a child is relocated, they will have a different community, school, and extended family to have contact with. It’s for this reason that our lawyers fight hard to make sure that the best interests of your child are maintained during and after the divorce.

Important things to consider in relocation

Courts will look at a request to relocate and ask many different questions. Some of the most pressing questions will be:

– Why does the custodial parent want to leave?
– In what way will the children benefit if the custodial parent moves?
– In what way will the children be harmed if the custodial parent moves?
– What attachments does the child have to each parent?

All of these things are questions for the courts to consider. Before the court considers them, we as divorce lawyers, will also consider them and determine the ways in which we can best help both parents achieve a desirable outcome. If you’re a parent who wants to relocate, we can help you do this and explain it to the court in a way that gets you your desired outcome. If you’re divorced or getting a divorce and want to prevent the other parent from moving, we can help represent you and show the courts why relocation isn’t a good idea in your situation.

It’s our sincere belief that relocation can be one of the best or most damaging things depending on the situation. That’s why we take everything case by case and work vigorously to get you the outcome you, as a parent, want for your child and for your family. If you have a relocation question, please contact us before acting on anything. During a divorce, it’s vital to act always in the best interests of the children. Before you relocate or even think about it, make sure that you’ve contacted our offices. We’ll help you understand relocation law and represent you with every power at our disposal.