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NY Father’s Rights Lawyer

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When you need to be certain that you are able to handle a case regarding child support, custody and visitation or spousal support, you need to have the help of a lawyer in the city that is able to provide for you. An NY father’s rights lawyer can be exactly what you need to get help, because they recognize that the courts are sometimes skewed in these situations and have the expertise to help you out accordingly. Think about these tips below in order to bring in the service of an NY father’s rights lawyer that can help you

#1: Understand that you are on equal footing

Many fathers make the mistake of feeling that they do not have the same rights as the mother of their child. You have equal rights and opportunities to have your custody and visitation which is heard by the judge. Sometimes it takes the assistance of lawyers who specialize in these cases to know that your rights will be protected. This begins by understanding fully and completely that the law is not against you in this regard.

In the state of New York, you are able to file for either fought divorce or no-fault divorce. Regardless of the terms of divorce, it should have no bearing on your ability to be in your child’s life, so hire a lawyer can protect your right.

#2: Hire the assistance of a quality law firm

Because New York City is such a vast area, you need to do some homework when reaching out to NYC divorce lawyers. By touching base with Todd Spodek, you will have access to a high-powered lawyer who works at a firm that has more than five decades of experience. Getting the help of this law firm makes sure that you take your parental rights seriously by leaving no stone unturned when getting legal assistance.

#3: Negotiate as much as you can no matter what

Lawyers aside, the best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to being your child’s life is to negotiate with the mother of the child as much as you can. The more that you negotiate and come up with some understandings, the easier it will be overall for you to get the desired outcome from the case. You’d be surprised how willing the other party will be to put legal issues aside and come up with a way of operating that is peaceful and conducive.

If you need help in this regard, you can get your lawyer to help with the negotiations. A lot of lawyers provide mediation that will lower the cost of your overall legal help, while also getting the best results possible. Taking this matter seriously will help you to avoid some problems in the process.

By getting the help of a lawyer in New York City who specializes in father’s rights cases, you will have the chance to always get proper footing in regards to the law. Gender roles have been evolving dramatically in recent years, so you should never feel as though you are behind the eight ball when it comes to divorce, custody and other such issues. However, it is necessary to hire a father’s rights attorney in New York City that can help you out.

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