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" Spodek Law Group was incredibly professional and has given me the best advice I could wish for. They had been helpful and empathetic to my stressful situation. Would highly recommend Spodek Law Group to anyone I meet."

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" Best service I ever had. Todd is absolutely class personified. You are in the safest hands with spodek. They have their clients interest in mind."

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NYC Child Visitation Lawyers

Custody agreements can be very tricky and messy. It’s always a challenge to make sure both parents are happy with the final visitation schedule without one the parents feeling slighted. A trend has been developing in New York from Family Court and Supreme Court judges where the non-custodial parent has been receiving longer visitation periods. If it’s a situation where both parents are not sharing custody, the courts tend to be inclined to award this type of arrangement where instead of the conventional alternating weekends a different type of schedule is set up. The legal arguments that are relevant to the case lead to a schedule that can include regular weeknight visits, overnight visits and longer vacation stays. It has also been common for judges to decide on extended vacations as well as the transferring of the children between home and school. Our attorneys are experienced in custody issues and developing visitation schedules that will benefit their clients. As visitation schedules have been increasing, parents are finding a greater need to find a knowledgeable lawyer to represent them through this emotional process.

Standard visitation has always included alternating holidays, occasional weekends and a customary four week vacation in the summer. When there is a parent wanting additional visitation that a judge deems dependable, the judge could award a visitation schedule that is thoughtful and understanding. Family Courts want both parents to be fully involved in the raising of their children providing those children with a better future which is seen by the question the courts generally ask of “what is in the best interest of the child?”

Experienced Visitation Attorneys can help represent you while you are attempting to agree as to what the most visitation should be allowed for your children. This is a matter that can get confusing and tricky along with other aspects of a divorce. It’s necessary for the court to realize if the child will be in danger if left alone with one of the parents and if the non-custodial parent needs supervision during their visits. If supervision is required, it’s important to find the right person to administer the supervision like a reliable family member or an agency that specializes in these visits. All of these decisions are centered around the court’s need to find out “what is in the best interest of the child.”

Making Changes to an Existing Visitation Order
Every so often, changes need to be made to existing visitation orders. Parents that have been required to have supervised visits may have completed counseling and would like to requests their future visits not have supervision. A family court judge can reconsider the initial ruling and, if they agree to the request, they can modify the visitation order. This is usually only done when there has a been a major change to the family circumstances that can include a job change, a parent relocating or improved direction from one of the parent for the child.

Petitions for visitation can be filed in family court or in the matrimonial division in the Supreme Court. The visitation schedule is then founded on the initial visitation petition. Altering the schedule can be done later based on changing situations since the initial petition was granted. When one of the parents does not keep to the agreement, a non-compliance petition can be filed. When this happens, an inquiry is made to the family court to have a ruling made against the violator and also a request for punitive action to be taken. In some cases, the family court judge can remove all of the non-compliant parent’s visitation rights if the complaint is strong enough.

Our attorneys are highly education in various areas of family law, including visitation cases. Our visitation attorney will bring their knowledge and concern when handling the complications that arise from raising a child under the observation of family court.

Any decisions that are made about your children and their well-being require capable representation. Call our offices to schedule your free consultation to find out how our attorneys can help represent you and your family. Our lawyers are very knowledgeable about custody and visitation issues and will be able to help your reach the best possible outcome for your case.

NYC Child Visitation Lawyers Protecting Parental Visitation Rights

Having a child is one of the happiest days of your life. Seeing that little one grow is part of the joys of parenthood. While the relationship with you and your youngster will last forever, the association with the mother or father may not. Splitting from a partner is difficult when your life is forever entwined with a kid. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a heated custody battle with the deciding factor based on the “best interest of the child.” During these challenging times, you need an experienced law firm standing beside you.

Help in Times of Need

In New York, the Family Law Court decides who gets custody of your child. They use the philosophy that a kid is best influenced by having both parents in their life. When determining custody issues, they see who is best suited as the custodial parent. In many instances, the court will give shared custody to both parents. Custody can also be ordered on an alternating basis. No matter what the ruling, child custody issues are one of the most sensitive areas of the law. You need a compassionate legal team that knows how to handle distraught parents as well as help resolve these complicated matters.

Understanding the Best Interest of the Child

The best interest of the child takes precedence when deciding visitation and custodial parenting arrangements. For instance, if one parent has a stable job, home and can meet the needs of the youngster better than the other parent, then they will be given primary or sole custody. They are responsible for the bulk of the parenting accountability as they will share the most significant amount of time with the kid.

The best interest means merely that the child is better in one situation rather than the other. They look at things like financial wellbeing, safety issues, stability, school system, home life, and other factors. The court may send a Guardian Ad Litem to do some investigative work. They will come to the home of both parents and evaluate each situation. Based on their report, the court is better able to decide what that they feel is in the “best interest.”

The Visitation Orders

When shared custody is awarded, both parents equally share responsibilities for their kid. When the court determines that one parent is more stable than the other and is granted primary custody, then the other parent will receive visitation rights. A visitation order will outline a schedule for both parents to observe. If the court feels the child may have safety issues when they are with one parent, then they will issue an order for court-supervised visitation.

The court encourages parents to work together to come up with a visitation schedule that is beneficial to all. It is essential to use some flexibility because things can and will happen from time to time. The court will approve the visitation orders, and it becomes an official order. Anyone that does not follow this agreement is in contempt. Contempt charges can be filed if one parent violates the deal. A consistent issue with violations can equal jail time.

Altering Visitation

In our law firm, we see many different scenarios when it comes to visitation. First, we see a lot of issues with the custodial parent denying the other parent visitation. Children are often used as a pawn in a game to pit one parent against the other. The court heavily frowns on such behavior. Children should always be kept out of adult situations. When visitation is denied, and there are no court orders to back such actions, then we must file a contempt of court charge against that person.

If a parent has concerns for the health and safety of a child, they must bring those issues to the court to decide. They cannot take matters into their own hands and alter the visitation schedule. Additionally, if modifications need to be made to the plan because of a conflict or a change in the custodial parent, then this must also be brought to the court. While parents have control over the child, the matter of visitation and custody lies within the court. Modifications can be made to these orders with ease, in most cases. However, if one parent is trying to take custody away from the other, they must have substantial documentation, or the other party must agree.

You Need An Experienced Lawyer

Child custody issues are difficult because they involve matters of the heart. Having an experienced legal team helping will make things easier. We can ensure that the court hears your side of the story and that the court does its job by doing what is in the best interest of your child.

Through the remedy of court-ordered visitation, non-custodial parent, grandparents and even others can enjoy important contact and relationship with children. The extent of the right depends upon a number of factors that include your relationship to the children and circumstances that shape whether visitation is suitable. With the assistance of one of our NYC child visitation lawyers, you can text jobs to stay in your children’s lives even if you don’t have custody of them.

Who May Request Visitation?

In a custody dispute, the party who does not get custody can ask for visitation.

New York law does not limit visitation rights to just the natural parents. Under Section 72 of the Domestic Relations Law, grandparents can request visitation rights if a parent has died or if there are circumstances which would make it equitable for the grandparents to have visitation rights. However, granting visitation rights to a grandparent or someone else who is not the natural parent may interfere with the parents’ general right to determine who visits the children or otherwise make decisions regarding the children. Courts will give considerable weight to the parents preferences on visitation.

If you are a grandparent, brother or sister or other family member, speak with one of our NYC visitation lawyers to determine and pursue your rights to visitation. Often, the Family Court will entertain visitation along with determining custody. You may also opt to request visitation in a preceding separate from the custody one.

In the visitation hearing, you will need to prove generally that visitation is in the best interest of the child. If you are a parent, the court generally, but not always, will grant reasonably generous visitation rights. This is because the court encourages parents to have involvement in their children’s lives.

What Are the Factors in Awarding Visitation

Although we’ll speak more of the arrangements for visitation below, suffice it to say that the environment for the visitation will prove important in matters such as whether visitation will be supervised. Our NYC child visitation lawyers will help you gather information about the surroundings in which the visitation will take place. Some of these factors include the presence of alcohol, drugs, weapons and other unsafe conditions in the applicant’s home; and whether there are concerns for one parent or someone seeking visitation to take the child. A history of criminal or irresponsible behavior might call for supervised visits in a public location or, if the misconduct is serious, denial of visitation altogether.

For supervised visits, a judge may order a mental health professional or some neutral observer to be present. In the former type of supervision, the professional offers parenting skills to the parent to help with interactions. Having someone to oversee the visitation can help avoid disputes or credible accusations of acting disorderly or otherwise improperly toward the children.

What are the Terms of a Visitation Order?

In crafting a visitation order, the Family Court judge will address scheduling visits around the birthdays of the parents and children, holidays and weekends. The parties can mediate many of these details and avoid disputes. In some cases, the parties may even agree to visitation for extended vacation times.

mediation or even a visitation hearing is a good time to address any concerns you may have about the environment in which your child will visit. Aside from supervision, you might persuade the other party or a court to restrict overnight guests who are not related or married to the person having visitation. For either safety or convenience, you can designate a specific drop off location.

How to Get and Enforce Visitation Rights

Our NYC child visitation attorneys will guide you in the process of seeking visitation. If you are a parent, you will seek it usually as an alternative if you are not awarded full or physical custody. If you are not a parent, you will need to either file a petition or intervene, that is make yourself a party, to the underlying custody lawsuit.

As a result of the mediation or hearing, the Family Court judge will enter a visitation order. Having an NYC child visitation lawyer can prove valuable if the opposing party attempts to interfere with your exercise of visitation under a court order. To respond to denial of visitation, a court can hold the offending party in contempt of court. This can lead to jail time for the offender.

Our legal services also include counseling and pursuing on your behalf on changes to the visitation and even custody order. Courts can modify the arrangement based upon substantial changes in circumstances. Sample situations may include the move of a parent (especially for long distance), the age of the child and progress in parenting education and other counseling that reduces or eliminates the need for supervision. the conviction of the visiting parent, especially for serious crime impact that parents freedom and access to the child.



Spodek Law Group have offered me excellent support and advice thru a very difficult time. I feel I've dealt with someone who truly cares and wants the best outcome for you and yours. I'm extremely grateful for all the help Spodek Law Group has offered me. I can't recommend them enough.

~ David Bruce

Spodek Law Group was incredibly professional and has given me the best advice I could wish for. They had been helpful and empathetic to my stressful situation. Would highly recommend Spodek Law Group to anyone I meet.

~ Rowlin Garcia

Best service I ever had. Todd is absolutely class personified. You are in the safest hands with spodek. They have their clients interest in mind.

~ Francis Anim

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