NYC Legal Separation Without A Signature

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When it comes to matters of love, things are often complicated. Unfortunately this is still true when it comes to the legal process of marriage and divorce. There is a step between being married and being divorced that is part of the legal process in some states. This step is known as a legal separation. It important to understand what a legal separation entails and what all is required in order to get that separation in place.

Do All States Require Separation?

The idea of a legal separation is meant as a safeguard to keep people from simply up and deciding that they want to have a divorce when there are ways to avoid it. This is why the whole concept of legal separation made sense for a long time. However, there are now at least some states which no longer require legal separation before a divorce occurs. The state of New York for example are what is known as a “no fault” divorce state. In other words it does not require some of the same explanations that are required in other jurisdiction.

Do You Need A Signature For The Legal Process?

Most want to know if they require a signature from the other party involved in a marriage in order to get a legal separation in states that still require them. This is an understandable situation for those who are involved in a possible separation. They want to know what is required in order to make it all legal.

Worrying about the idea of having to get a signature from the other person is a common and understandable concern. It is likely that there is tension between the two people and having to try to get the signature of someone in that situation is difficult. Luckily, this is not a required step in the process.

For the most part being able to serve the other person papers for a legal separation then it is not necessary to worry about getting the signature. The other person may actually volunteer their signature, but it is not necessary in most cases.

Get An Attorney

The bottom line is that obtaining an attorney is necessary for those who are looking for a legal separation. It is always the safest option for those who are involved in such an emotional process. The fact is that those who are in the middle of separation are going to have high emotions and may not know exactly what it is that they are supposed to do.

An attorney can guide one through the process of a legal separation. They are rational and level headed and most importantly not involved in the middle of the emotional process. They can ensure that you do not have to go back and change anything that has already taken place.

There are plenty of attorneys available in almost every city in the country. There are some who specialize in this particular area of the law. It means that they are immersed in it and can make the process that much easier.