NYC Child Custody Lawyers

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When going through a divorce, there are many issues to be decided upon between the former spouses. Where divorces can get very emotional and intense is regarding the subject of child custody. The reason for this is that many parent struggle with giving up their right to see their child every single day in their own home and for special holidays. When going through a divorce, it is absolutely vital that you have a NYC child custody attorney representing you in order to get the best possibly custody decision for your children, asset division, and expedient procedures.

Physical Custody vs. Legal Custody

When deciding custody cases, custody is typically divided into the physical and legal components. Legal custody signifies which parent will make important decisions for the child’s well being until they are an adult. Physical custody in New York relates to where the children primarily live or whether there is a joint custody arrangement between the former spouses. Both physical and legal custody can be joint or sole depending on the individual circumstances of each divorce case between the former spouses.

How Our NYC Child Custody Firm Can Assist with Child Custody Matters

Obtaining child custody orders can be a very complex process because if the former spouses cannot agree, they have to go before a judge and get a court order or have a mediation session. Particularly if there are potential abusive circumstances involved or if one of the former spouses wants to relocate, the child custody battle can get very emotional and expensive quickly.

Our NYC child custody lawyers have many years of experience in dealing with all aspects of divorce cases. That being said, we also specialize in the process relating to child custody cases. The areas that our firm specializes in relating to child custody are: visitation agreements, custody arrangements, child support orders, enforcement of child support orders that have not been paid, child support order/defense, modification of existing support or custody orders, and paternity testing.

When to Seek Legal Representation

It is a very rare case when divorce can be resolved without an attorney. That being said, it is not impossible; however, if you are getting divorced, it is wise to speak to an attorney regarding your case. Usually, it is customary to meet multiple attorneys and ascertain which attorney is the best fit for your upcoming case based on skills and expertise. If the attorney sees no conflict of interest in taking on your case, then they will offer a retainer agreement in which a price for the representation is agreed upon. Once you retain an attorney, you may then begin to explore possible legal theories for your case.

When embarking upon a divorce and you know that there is going to be some conflict with your former spouse regarding custody or asset division, it is best to get a lawyer to look over the specifics of your case. Relating to custody, a lawyer will help you navigate the difficult and emotional aspects of custody battles. In fact, our firm has a great deal of experience in working with custody cases. Our approach deals with assessing the realistic schedule and situation of the former spouses and then to craft a plan to get the best possible results for our clients while simultaneously considering the children’s best interests in the long term. By using this method, we find that we are able to assist our clients in obtaining the best possible result during a difficult phase of their lives.

In order to learn more about how our NYC child custody law firm can assist you with your upcoming divorce case and child custody arrangement, consider reaching out to us today to schedule a consultation appointment. We would be elated to work with you in your upcoming divorce case.