NYC Family Law Appeals Lawyers

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Family law matters are often highly contested issues that invoke various emotions. Decisions made by judges in family law cases may be subject to review through the appeals process. Appeals are subject to a specific set of rules and procedures, that can be confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the process. Because of this, you should seek out an experienced NYC family law appeals lawyer for legal assistance on your appeal.

A family law appeal must be filed within a certain period of time. If you fail to file within the specific time period, your appeal rights may be waived. If the court issued a decision that you would like to appeal, then it is important for you to contact NYC family law appeals lawyers as soon as possible so you can meet the deadlines.

Family law appeals may be pursued for a variety of issues. Some examples may include, among other things, the wrongful admission or exclusion of evidence, failure to follow the appropriate legal standards, abuse of a judge’s discretion, and failure to meet a burden of proof. Some issues that may be appealed are not always obvious, but a family law appeals lawyer can help identify possible areas of the case where errors were committed.

The appeals process is different from the initial family law case in many ways. In the appeals process, the arguments are based upon what already happened in the case and new evidence is not presented. For a successful appeal, there must be a sufficient record of what occurred in the initial case. Also, for some issues, if an objection was not properly made during the initial case, then the ability to appeal that issue may be waived. Careful review of your case by a family law appeals lawyer will result in a better understanding of what may be appealed and your chances of success on appeal.

As previously mentioned, appeals are subject to specific rules and procedures. Some individuals attempt to appeal on their own, without legal assistance, and become overwhelmed by the extent and complexity of the rules. If you fail to follow the rules and procedures, then the appeal may be denied. An experienced NYC family law appeals lawyer will be well familiar with the applicable laws and procedures. They will help ensure that your case complies with all of the requirements, so your case is not thrown out on a technicality.

NYC family law appeals lawyers will present the issues to the appellate court and make argument on your behalf. They will be able to advocate on your behalf and explain what errors were committed in your case that justify an appeal. Through careful review of your case, they can identify potential issues that need to be addressed on appeal.

Appeals usually involve the presentation of issues through written legal briefs. Experienced NYC family law appeals lawyers will know what to include in the written brief and can present the information in a concise and effective manner. They will be able to properly cite legal authority in the brief to show that your position has legal precedence in the court system.

In some appeals, oral argument can be made to articulate the reasons behind the appeal and the legal authority that supports your position. An experienced family law appeals lawyer will know how to properly and effectively deliver oral argument to the appellate court.

If you have been involved in a New York family law case and feel that there may be issue that can be appealed, contact a NYC family law appeals lawyer to learn what options are available. NYC family law appeals lawyers will be able to discuss the law with you and can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the issues that may be appealed. They will be able to help you make and informed decision, so you understand all possible outcomes of the appeal and the likelihood of each outcome.

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