Queens Grandparent’s Rights Lawyers

In New York, grandparents do have certain rights when it comes to visitation. Sadly, divorces take place all the time. This can be very traumatizing to all parties involved. Even when people divorce, grandparents still have the right to be in their grandchild’s live, especially if they were a driving force before. If a divorce takes place and there is an issue with seeing your grandchild, you should contact a grandparent’s rights attorney immediately. A reputable attorney who has experience in these matters can help you navigate through these issues. You have to be completely aware of your rights under the law in order to receive the help you need.

Grandparents rights are different from parental rights. However, grandparents still have a right to be in their grandchild’s life in terms of visitation. There are times when the custodial parent has a contentious relationship with the grandparents and will attempt to block their rights. If you are having this problem, you need to seek out a skilled attorney to give you proper representation.

If this is an issue that you want to take to court, get a better understanding the law so you will know what to expect. One thing that should be noted is that if you had a prior relationship with your grand kids, you have a much better chance of a court rule in your favor. If you haven’t had much of a relationship, the odds are not in your favor. There are also other factors that will allow you access to your grand kids like a serious illness or you are near death. If you need to know more, hire a lawyer who can help you learn more about grandparents rights.

Courts will often figure out what is in the interest of the child. If the child wants to see their grandparent, there is a good chance of it coming to fruition. Grandparents must also be aware that they must have a good reputation and be in good standing. If the grandparent has certain vices or a criminal record that comes into play, that could be the end of visitation.

While New York has many laws that dictate what will happen with grandparent visitation issues, nothing is set in stone. There are a number of options available for individuals to take advantage of. Don’t delay. The parents divorcing should have no bearing on whether or not a grandparent can see a grandchild. But there are unfortunate situations where a vindictive spouse can make things hard.

Let an experienced attorney look at your case and give you an honest assessment of your rights. There are a number of local attorneys with a vast amount of experience in grandparents rights. Obviously, it is very essential for a grandparent to continue communication with their grandchild even after a divorce. These can be very important relationships that could have a positive effect on the child’s life.

Let an experienced attorney help you make up your mind. Call one up and get a free consultation. An attorney will be able to make the case for helping you attain visitation rights with your grandchild. Don’t let limitations or incorrect information keep you from you and your grandchild enjoying a relationship. Don’t sleep on your rights. Give a grandparents rights lawyer a call.