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Queens Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

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When couples are walking down the aisle in Queens, NY, the possibility of separation never comes into mind. The expectation is that they will live happily after until death separates them. However, time moves and circumstances change. Several years later, the same couple may find their marriage unsustainable and consider a divorce. Are you in that situation? Your case is not isolated. On average, there were 2.7 divorces per 1000 residents in New York between 1990 and 2015.

Divorce is an emotionally-trying moment; a tough decision to make and a heavy step to take. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary, especially if efforts to save the marriage have not borne fruits. To lessen the emotional burden on the divorcing couple, the actual divorce process, from filing for a divorce to the time of issuance of the judgment of divorce, needs to be as fast, facile, and seamless as possible. That can be achieved by ironing out any disagreements between the parties before filing a divorce. That brings us to uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce in Queens, NY

Uncontested divorce is for couples who have already agreed on divorce issues that usually are resolved by the court. These issues include

The actual divorce does not start until one party files for the divorce. Since all the necessary issues have been resolved, the defendant either ignores court summons or agrees to the divorce. The process is concluded when the divorce is approved and the judge signs a judgment of divorce. Simple as it sounds, the process involves a plethora of fine details, negotiations, and paperwork. This is why you need the help of Queens uncontested divorce lawyers when filing for the divorce.

Advantages of uncontested divorce


The divorce process is expedited

In contested divorces, a lot of time is consumed by courtroom battles. This is because divorce cases involve several weighty issues that must be resolved. According to a recent survey, divorce cases that go to trial take around 18 months to resolve. On the contrary, for couples who resolved their issues out of court, it took around nine months, from the time of filing for the divorce to the time of issuance of the judgment of divorce, to settle the case. If you want a speedy resolution of your divorce, you should opt for uncontested divorce.

It is inexpensive

Uncontested divorce considerably reduces the time the divorce process takes. Also, compared to contested divorces, there is less work involved. This means less attorney fees, document processing fees, and other hidden expenses such as the cost of attending court sessions.

More favorable outcomes

You are more likes to get outcomes that you agree with if your divorce is uncontested. This kind of divorce creates a conflict-free environment, which is conducive for negotiations. Nobody understands your situation and needs better than yourselves; when the divorce settlement comes from you, it’s likely to be favorable for both parties. If the divorce goes to trial, the judge will make a determination based on the law and how the attorneys argue out the case, and you’ll have no choice but to accept the outcome.

More privacy

Long and fierce debate battles are more likely to attract the attention of the public and the media. In contrast, when the divorce is peaceful and seamless, there are few newsworthy incidents. Further, the fact that uncontested divorces are speedy reduces the window available for information to leak to the public. Uncontested divorce, therefore, gives the divorcing couple some degree of privacy.

Uncontested divorce lawyers in Queens, NY

Even though uncontested divorce is a simple process, you need a qualified divorce lawyer by your side to protect your interests and help you prepare the necessary legal documents. Such a lawyer understands divorce laws and will not cede your interests merely because they want to avoid a courtroom battle.

If you are considering filing for a divorce in Queens, enlist the services of divorce lawyers from Spodek Law Group. This is a renowned law firm with over 50 years of experience in family law. Once you bring a case to us, we first go through it to identify the best possible outcomes. We then make these outcomes our targets and start working towards them. We are available for free consultation 24/7.

How to Get an Uncontested Divorce in New York

When a couple in New York decides they want to divorce, they have two options. They can have a contested or uncontested divorce. When a couple does not agree on issues involving their separation; and require a judge or jury to decide on these issues at a trial, this is a contested divorce. Should the couple agree on all issues involving the dissolution of their marriage, there will be no need for a judge or jury trial to decide them. This is called an uncontested divorce.

New York divorce laws were changed in 2010 to permit a no-fault option for divorce. This requires there be an irretrievable breakdown of a marriage for at least half a year before a couple can file for an uncontested divorce. It is a legal statement by the couple that they do not want to be married anymore, and both believe they won’t ever become a married couple again.

Failure to Appear
One way for a couple in New York to be awarded an uncontested divorce is if one spouse properly files and serves the divorce paperwork to the other spouse. The other spouse receives the paperwork and fails to properly respond. The other spouse will have 40 days from the day they received the paperwork to submit a response. When this doesn’t happen, the spouse filing the paperwork can ask a court to affirm their divorce request. This is done often as a judge will assume the absent spouse agrees with the terms set forth in the paperwork received by the court.

A couple in New York will be able to file for an uncontested divorce if they can come to an agreement on certain issues. They must agree to the divorce, the payment of spousal support as well as amounts and who will be responsible. The grounds for divorce as well as the amount of child support if children are involved. A couple needs to decide parenting time for each parent as well as the custody arraignment for each spouse. They also need to determine how marital assets, as well as debts, will be divided.

Residency Requirements
When a couple living in New York wants to file for any type of divorce, they will need to meet certain legal residency requirements. One of the spouses must have been residing in New York for a minimum of two continuous years. This requirement must be met before filing for the divorce. Both spouses must have resided in New York for a minimum of twelve continuous months prior to filing for a divorce. The couple must have gotten married in New York, or the grounds for divorce occurred while they were residing in New York, and they lived in New York as a married couple.

When couples want an uncontested divorce in New York, the first step is to prepare a Verified Complaint or Summons with Notice. Two copies of this must be taken to the County Clerk’s office, and the couple will purchase an index number. Then a spouse will have to sign the Affidavit of Defendant. This must be completed and given back to the spouse who filed the paperwork. When this completed form is submitted, the couple’s divorce case will be placed on a court’s calendar. This will require completing additional forms. If children are involved, an addendum form will need to be completed. A Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage must be completed as well as a Child Support Summary Form; if necessary. Once all of these documents are completed, they can then be taken to the County Clerk’s Office where a filing fee must be paid. When there are no disputes over issues, it’s possible for a couple to file for an uncontested divorce without lawyers. Once the divorce is granted, there are forms that must be completed to obtain a final divorce decree from a New York court judge.

There are many benefits couples experience when getting an uncontested divorce. Because the couple has agreed on all the major issues, there will be no need to let a judge or jury determine what will happen. With not going to court, a couple can maintain their privacy and not have things they want to keep private on record. The process is much quicker and easier than a contested divorce.

When a couple wants to get an uncontested divorce, there is no requirement for them to talk it over with an attorney, but they may benefit from doing this. An experienced legal professional can tell a couple what to expect during the process and review all the paperwork they intend to provide the court. It is a good way to avoid experiencing mistakes that could be time-consuming as well as expensive.

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