Staten Island Order of Protection Lawyer

If you are a person in Staten Island seeking help with a legal order of protection, it is important to get legal backing from Todd Spodek. Spodek is an attorney that can assist you in filing an order of protection of any type. The law firm that he is apart of has been established for more than 50 years, and during this time, they have been able to help people with orders of protection and other related matters.

These tips will help you know more about getting such an order of protection, and everything else that you need to know to get the representation from a law firm.

What exactly is an order of protection and what does it do?

Filing an order of protection is a widespread area of law that could be filed for a number of reasons. This filing is done in order to limit another person’s ability to contact you do to perceived harm or threat. Domestic violence is a very common reason for an order of protection. You may also want to file an order of protection if you are dealing with stalking, threatening language or intimidation.

Because you will need to file one of these orders of protection as quickly as possible when a threat exists, you should document every instance of harm or potential threat as it occurs. The more proof you have, the sooner you will be able to expedite this process and get an order of protection that is strongly worded and legally binding.

If you are thinking about filing an order of protection, you need to locate the appropriate court in Staten Island and get a legal professional to sponsor the application. The terms of an order of protection might include things like not coming within a certain distance of you or your property, legal backing to enforce child support and custody, protection that keeps a person away from your children and other important issues. Contacting a lawyer first will help you know your legal rights regarding orders of protection, which ensure you make the most appropriate filing the first time and get the specifics that matter the most.

Time is of the essence when filing an order of protection, so do everything that you can to get the ball rolling quickly. You can also support your application by getting a background check done on the person you want protection from, as this may provide further evidence. If you can afford it, it may be worthwhile to hire a private investigator to collect evidence for your petition and to leave no doubt that they are engaging in harmful or threatening actions.

A legal professional may also have relationships with private investigators which will help you to come up with the evidence for your case.

If you are in doubt about any of these matters or would like legal help from a credible attorney, take the time to contact Todd Spodek. He is a New York divorce and family law attorney that can serve your case, so that you get a legally binding order of protection. He represents people in staten island and all over New York City at a law firm that has more than five decades of experience in the field.