Yonkers Child Relocation Lawyer

When married and sharing in family life together, spouses make decisions on where to live without involving courts. Since both parents will be moving with the children, there’s no need to involve a lawyer in most cases. For divorced couples, things can get complicated very quickly when one parent wants to move away from a parent with joint or full custody. This is where a lawyer needs to come into the picture and clarify things for both parties.

Our experienced legal team has 40 years of experience helping couples navigate through the emotional turmoil of divorce. A divorce itself is traumatizing enough without having to wonder if your legal team is managing things properly and looking out for your interests. When you contact us to help you through your divorce, we can take care of any aspect of that divorce, from custody, to relocation, to alimony.

Relocation is one of the most difficult to deal with for clients. Almost any parent is already looking out for the interests of their children. It’s difficult to have to “prove” that your relocation is something you’re doing to help both you AND your child. That’s why it’s our job to go to the court and show them why your move is going to help your child both financially, emotionally, and educationally. Some parents move specifically to help children while others simply want a change of scenery from the place they’ve been attached to during their marriage. Whatever the reason for your move, we take on your case diligently and prove to the court exactly why the move won’t harm your children.

In other instances, a non-custodial parent wants to prevent a move. It’s our job to take on those cases, too, and show exactly why a move is going to harm a child. We believe strongly in the right of parents to relocate but we also know that not every move is going to be a good one for a child. In order to prevent a move, we show the court exactly why the move isn’t in the interests of the child. In some cases, it will be because a change in school might unfavorably affect a child’s grades and future. Sometimes a move isn’t good because the child is very attached to the parent they will be moved away from. Whatever the situation in your case, we will prove to the court why you’re the parent who knows in this situation.

These cases can be very emotional for both parents and we understand that. We’re master negotiators and work as much as we can so that both parties reach a sound agreement before it must go to court. In all cases, we attempt to avoid a courtroom if it can possibly be helped because agreement will always be better than having to prove a parent’s case in court. We work with both parents as much as they will allow so that the interests of the child will be represented in the decision parents arrive at. Rest assured, though, when agreement can’t be reached we will aggressively pursue your case in court and show exactly why your side of the story is the right side. Call us today and let us help with your relocation.