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Yonkers Prison Divorce Lawyers

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If your wife or husband is in jail, and you’re looking for a divorce – then we can help. A woman whose husband is in jail may wish to file for divorce so that she can move on with her life and remarry. Many states have laws making it easier for a woman to divorce a husband who is in jail. If this applies to you, we can help you – even if you have no money.

Step 1 

Contact our attorneys in order to get more information. We’ll walk you through the steps needed, and what to expect.

Step 2

We will request a copy of your husband’s mittimus, this is the document that formally commits him to jail – from the criminal court in which he was convicted. We’ll complete the divorce filing paperwork and also include a copy of the mittimus to the filing.

Step 3

We will submit the divorce filing to the family court in addition to the filing fees. We’ll find out if the paperwork has to be served to your husband, or whether the court does it in the case of spouses in jail. Either way, we’ll make sure that your spouse is served with the papers.

Step 4

We’ll research all of the laws regarding legal grounds for divorce if your husband refuses to sign the no-fault divorce filing. We’ll do everything necessary to get you the divorce. Most states have criminal conviction/incarceration as automatic legal grounds for an at-fault divorce.

Step 5

We’ll obtain the divorce filing farms, and attach a copy of the statute regarding divorcing incarcerated spouses, and a copy of your husband’s mittimus form. We’ll file this and handle all other filing issues. It’s likely at least one hearing will be held after the filing. It’s unlikely your husband will be transported from jail to attend the hearing.

Step 6

We will secure a copy of the final divorce decree from the corresponding family court.


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