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Grandparents in New York City need to be aware of the fact that they have legal rights to their grandchildren in some situations. By understanding the rights that you have access to, it is important to reach out to a lawyer that handles family law. Todd Spodek and his Spodek Law Group regularly handle cases for New York grandparents who may have a claim to time with their grandchildren.

The only way to protect these rights is to first be fully aware of them. By thinking about the tips below, you will have the chance to see your grandchildren on a regular basis and with no problem.

Learn All About the Visitation Law For Grandparents in New York

If you are really planning to take a case to court, first have your own understanding of the law. Grandparents have rights to their grandchildren in New York as long as they had a relationship prior to the arrangement. If you rarely see your grandkids or are estranged from them, you will have less of a legal standing going to court. Other situations will give you access to see your grandchildren, such as the unfortunate event of a parent dying.

To be sure that your right to visitation or other rights are honored, you will need to be aware of these legal facts as you hire a family law attorney.

Think About Some Custody Issues if This is the Legal Help That You Seek

While every grandparent in most situations has legal visitation rights, custody may be another issue entirely. If you are a grandparent striving to receive physical custody of your grandchildren, it begins with first establishing what gives you this right. This usually happens if a parent, or both parents, are unfit to care for the child. You might be able to work with a lawyer who can help you file your petition and assist you in taking advantage of this legal situation.

Retain a Grandparents Rights Attorney That Can Help You Out

Hiring the assistance of a lawyer is necessary if you want to file a petition with the court. By talking to a few different family law firms, you will have legal advice available to you whenever you need it. Todd Spodek is a legal professional that manages these cases and many other types of custody agreements. He will be able to assist you in filing the initial petition, in addition to making updates as they become necessary.

This law firm is nationally known, due to their reputation and the fact that Spodek has contributing pieces to magazines and newspapers, in addition to being highlighted in stories. You will be in capable hands when you decide to hire this law firm to help with your grandparents custody case. The more that you know about this form of law, the easier it will be to ask the right questions and get help.

By communicating with Todd Spodek and his firm, you will be able to get what you need out of your grandparents rights related case. This is an area of expertise for this firm, which has 50 years of business experience under their belt. To ensure that you are always doing your best in terms of your legal aid, following the points of this article will help you start. Contact Spodek and ask for a consultation.