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Where can my spouse and I get help to work out our differences outside of court?

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It’s very unlikely that divorcing spouses agree on all of the issues presented in their divorce. A divorce can involve a number of issues like division of assets, child custody, parenting time, child support and spousal support. Some disagreements are large like who should have primary custody and who should keep the marital home. Other disagreements are relatively minor.

When divorcing spouses have disagreements, they might wonder what they can do to resolve their disagreements. It’s one thing to disagree on how to resolve the divorce. It’s another thing to want to try the case in open court. Fortunately, if you want to work to resolve your case outside of court, there are resources that can help you. These resources can help you understand the law and work towards a reasonable resolution that represents your interests.

Resources to help you work out differences in a divorce

Here are some of the resources available to help you work out your differences in a divorce:

Divorce attorneys in New York

One important resource to resolve your New York divorce case is your own New York divorce attorneyYour divorce attorney helps you in several different ways. First, they can handle the tough negotiations with the other side. The other side may benefit from negotiations with an attorney who speaks to them on your behalf. They may be more likely to agree to proposals that are reasonable. Attorneys have experience doing difficult negotiations. They know how to approach the other side and be tactful. Whether the other side is represented by an attorney or not, your New York divorce attorney can be a useful resource for handling the resolution process.

Another way that an attorney can help you work out your differences in a divorce is by helping you understand what the law has to say about your divorce case. When you try to work out differences, you need to know where your case is strong and where you’re likely to lose if you take your case to court. If a parent has an unrealistic expectation of primary physical custody of the children, they may not be likely to accept a joint custody agreement that’s actually the they can expect given New York law. A parent might expect permanent alimony when it’s not something that they qualify for.

If you don’t know what the law has to say about the issues in your case, you can’t try and work out your differences in the divorce case in a productive way. You need to be able to understand the law. In the information age, the more you learn about divorce laws and how they apply to your case, the more you can work out your differences in a productive way. Your divorce attorney in New York helps you form realistic goals and get real answers as you work out your differences.

Professional mediation services

In addition to working to resolve your differences directly with the other party or their attorney, you can also use professional mediation services in order to help work out your differences. Mediation uses a neutral, third person who isn’t involved in the divorce to help frame the issues and discuss them in a constructive way. The mediator helps the parties stay on task and negotiate the issues that are the most important to them. Mediation services are available throughout New York City and the entire greater New York area. You don’t have to resolve your case through mediation, but it can be a constructive way to work on your differences in your divorce case.

Online resources

Finally, there are a number of online resources that can help you work out your differences. The State of New York offers resources to help you learn about divorce and how divorce works in New York. Learning about the law helps you work on your differences in light of the realities of the law. When you’re wondering about a divorce issue, you can look the answer up online. Even though online resources don’t help you work with the other side in order to negotiate your differences directly, they can help you think about your divorce case in the right ways in order to help the negotiation process.

Can we resolve our divorce case by agreement?

Working out your differences in a divorce isn’t easy. Fortunately, personal and online resources can help you resolve your case. Working out your differences can help you stay in charge of the divorce process as you work towards your future.

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