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How to get a marriage annulled

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If you believe that your marriage is illegal, or invalid, you may want to consider getting an annulment. An annulment is a marriage that is declared by courts to be null and void. A marriage which is annulled, means it’s marriage contract is voided – which means the couple were never married.

In order to get an annulment, you have to state the reason your marriage is invalid. You may be eligible for an annulment if the marriage is due to:

-your spouse is married to someone else

-you/your spouse are under age of consent

-your spouse is a relative

-you were forced, or coerced into marrying

-your consent was obtained through fraudulent methods

-your spouse is impotent

-you were of unsound mind

If you fit even one of these criteria’s, you should begin filing the annulment paperwork. You have to file them in the county you live in. Every state has it’s own annulment requirements, which provide strict guidelines on how to file the action, including when you need to file it by. There are often time requirements, which depend on your local state laws. To get started, you have to file the annulment petition. You will need to complete the paperwork and provide appropriate evidence which shows why your marriage is voidable.

It can take ~a year for an annulment to be granted. In some cases, it can be quicker and cheaper than getting a divorce. If you don’t think you can satisfy the requirements for annulment, you can still end the marriage by going through divorce. You can cite, irreconcilable differences and get a divorce. IF you do get a divorce, you can be eligible for a share of the property, alimony, and other spousal benefits – granted under the laws of your state. If you annul your marriage, you may not be eligible for these things.

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