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how much does divorce cost in new york – the cost of ny divorce

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One of the most frequently asked questions by clients is, “How much is an NY divorce going to cost.” This is a totally reasonable first question to ask. We would ask the same question. After all – how can you hire someone to do something for you, without knowing how much it will cost. The answer is – it depends. Typically, the cost will vary depending on several factors. The most important question is whether your divorce is contested or uncontested. This essentially boils down to whether you, and your spouse, have reached an agreement (or can reach an agreement) regarding the distribution of your property, assets, spousal support, and custody of the children. The easier you can agree to these issues – the quicker you’ll get through your divorce proceedings. If you can agree on all of these things, you can save a lot of money on your divorce. Uncontested divorces cost far less money, and require little to no court appearances.

Contested divorces on the other hand, are more contentious and litigious. Contested divorces are situations where you and your spouse want the court to take an active role in deciding what will happen to your assets, to your children, to your marital support agreement – and frankly everything else. This is very expensive. In this circumstance, attorneys will charge hourly – and fees can range from $200 to $500 an hour. By it’s very nature, a contested divorce is very costly, and takes much longer. In addition, it can be a very unpleasant encounter with the legal system. We typically recommend that you try to get an uncontested divorce, rather than a contested divorce if possible.

In summary, the quick answer is – your NY divorce can cost anywhere from $500-$600, to ten’s of thousands of dollars. It all depends on you, and your spouse – and how quickly you two can come to an agreement on the dissolution of your marriage.

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