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Nassau County Child Custody Lawyers

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Whether you are going through a divorce or if you were never married to the parent of your child, one thing that might be very important to you is handling matters of child custody. After all, your child and his or her well-being is probably of the utmost importance to you. When dealing with any type of child custody case, it is smart to work with Nassau County child custody lawyers who know the law and who can help ensure that the best decisions are made for your child.

What is Child Custody?

Child custody refers to the determination of which parent is responsible for your child. If you are going through a divorce, this has to be determined since your family dynamic is changing significantly. This is also the case if you are splitting up with the other parent after being in a live-in situation or in other situations.

What are the Different Types of Child Custody?

First of all, you should understand that there are different types of child custody. There is legal custody, which involves the parent who is put in charge of making important decisions for the child, such as in regards to things like medical care. There is also physical custody; as the name suggests, this involves the parent who is actually physically responsible for the care of the child.

Legal and physical custody are handled in certain ways. Sometimes, one parent is given full custody. In this type of situation, the other parent might be given visitation rights but does not have any form of custody of the child. In other cases, joint custody — in which both parents have equal legal and physical custody of the child — is seen as being the best option.

Are There Any Additional Concerns?

Along with being concerned about the custody arrangement for your child, you might have other concerns as well. For example, if you have sole custody of your child, you may want to look into filing a petition for child support. If you choose to do this and if the petition is granted, then the other parent will be required to pay child support to you. This money is granted to help you take care of the child. The amount that is paid is based on a few factors, including the other parent’s income and ability to pay.

A number of different issues can pop up when it comes to child custody. For example, if you and the other parent were never married, it will need to be established that the male parent is the actual paternal parent of the child. This can be done in a couple of different ways; you and the other parent can fill out a form that acknowledges paternity, or a DNA test might be conducted.

Once a child support petition is granted, you have to worry about whether the payments will actually be made if you are the custodial parent. There are steps that can be taken if the other parent does not pay child support, and it is your right to take these steps to help ensure that you receive the child support payments that you are entitled to.

Why It’s Essential to Work with a Lawyer When Establishing Child Custody

You might think that you can handle matters of child custody and child support on your own. However, these situations can be more tricky than you might think. It can be very easy for emotions to run high when there are children involved, and you and the other parent might not get along very well when going through a family court case. This can make it difficult for you to come to an agreement on things, but an attorney can help protect your rights and the rights of your child. Your Nassau County child custody lawyers will talk to you about your rights and will help you ensure that they are respected while keeping your child in mind at all times.

What To Do if You’re Unhappy with Current Child Custody or Child Support Orders?

If you have already gone through family court, there may be existing child custody and child support orders. If you are unhappy with the orders that are in place, you should know that there might be steps that you can take to make changes. This is something that your attorney can help you with.

Handling child custody and child support can be tough for any parent. If you are currently in the midst of handling family court matters, we can help. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your situation with you and can help you determine how to proceed. Then, if you choose to hire us, you will know that you have legal representation that you can count on.


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