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New York Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

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Divorces are always stressful and frustrating events. But things don’t have to be made worse than they already are. Far too many divorces end up in the court system, where they are adjudicated by a disinterested judge and where all decisions are effectively final. Placing one’s future and that of one’s children in the hands of a judge, who may have dozens of other cases to hear that day, is a situation to be avoided, if at all possible. With an experienced and talented collaborative lawyer, your divorce proceedings can be largely kept out of court, giving you ultimate control over the process and allowing for a more amicable resolution of the divorce, for everyone involved.

Even the most contentious divorces can often be kept out of court

Going to court presents serious risks to all parties involved in a divorce. While most judges are reasonable and level-headed people, the outcomes between cases and judges can vary wildly. On any given court date, a dependent spouse may receive generous spousal support, given over 10 years, or they may receive none at all. Likewise, the primary breadwinner may retain virtually all of the couple’s assets, or half of them, including control over the family business, may be awarded to the spouse. It may seem unlikely that a judge would give control of a business to a spouse that had no business experience. But we’ve seen precisely these types of cases. Often times, the businesses and assets that non-productive spouses are given in court proceedings quickly lose all value.

It’s easy to see that having proceedings handled by a judge imposes significant risks on both parties to the divorce. That is why it is imperative to get the right legal team on the case, as soon as possible. Even if the other party is recalcitrant or desires to take the matter to court, the overwhelming majority of the time, they can be convinced to handle resolution of the divorce through mediation. Especially for the primary breadwinner, collaborative resolutions to divorce are highly preferable to taking rolling the dice in court.

Faster resolutions, less stress

A nasty divorce can be truly one of the nastiest things that anyone will ever go through. Judges in most cities have dockets that are filled to the brim. A divorce being handled in court can literally take years to resolve. In that time, the stress levels and animosity associated with a contentious divorce will find reasons to be constantly renewed, making everyone involved worse off.

However, a collaborative solution can end the divorce proceedings extremely quickly. Many divorces that are handled through mediation only take a week or less to come to a full resolution. And mediation often leads to all parties feeling far more satisfied with the process. After all, the immediate goal in any divorce, just in any other form of legal negotiation, is to come to an agreement that both parties feel satisfies their needs. With collaborative mediation, this outcome is often realized.

But it’s imperative to get the right legal team on your side, as quickly as possible. Our lawyers have decades of experience and hundreds of successful mediations under our belt. We have a proven track record of winning the best terms for our clients, making a bad situation a lot better than it could have been.

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