Yonkers Child Support Lawyer

Child support is a monetary amount paid to the custodial parent by the noncustodial parent. This payment is to provide for the child’s needs, such as clothing, food and other items that will sustain the well-being. The support can pay for school fees, medical expenses and any activities that the child wants to do after school. There are guidelines that are present in each state that determine how much support will be ordered and how often the support will be paid. Most of the time, the payments are made based on when the non-custodial parent receives a check each month, such as weekly or bi-weekly.

There are a few factors that a New York court will take into consideration when making a decision about the amount of child support that needs to be paid. An attorney can represent the client to try to get a fair amount based on how much money the parent makes and how involved the parent is with the child. The court will look at the income of both parents, how many children each parent has and the amount of money that is required for the standard of living for the child. There is no requirement that custodial parents prove how the child support is spent. However, if the basic needs of the child aren’t met, then the court might require proof that the payments are being spent on the needs of the child at some point.

Parents can view the guidelines of each state by looking online or talking with an attorney who specializes in child support. There are a few things that child support can and should be used for and some things that child support payments should be used for by the custodial parent.

The basic necessities of the child need to be met before anything else. These needs include shelter, food, clothing, and shoes. Child support can be used to cover any or all of these necessities. The support can be used to pay for the utilities of the home or rent so that the child has a suitable place to live. Medical care is also usually covered by child support. At times, the court might order that the non-custodial parent put the child on an insurance policy instead of the child being on Medicaid or other public assistance. The parent who has better insurance coverage is usually the one who is required to carry the child. The support payments can be used to cover school expenses, such as supplies and any extra activities that the child participates in during the year. It can also be used for tuition, fees, tutors and lunch money. Childcare, transportation expenses and entertainment are also included in how the child support can be spent. The payment should not be used to purchase alcohol and cigarettes or other items that are of no benefit to the child.

Attorney Assistance
An attorney can examine the income of the parent to determine a suitable amount that can be paid. The attorney can also work with the other parent in order to reach terms that are agreed upon without taking the case in front of a judge.