New York Father’s Rights Lawyer

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There are a number of reasons that you might need a New York father’s rights lawyer. You may need to assert your and your child’s right to spend time together. You may need to change an existing custody order. In some cases, you might need a father’s rights lawyer to help you enforce a custody order when the other parent tries to deny you lawful parenting time.

Helping fathers

Too often, fighting for a father’s rights is an uphill battle. The truth is that a child has a need for both parents in their life. They also have the right to have a court determine what’s best for the child.

When the court determines child custody, they decide the case according to the best interests of the child. That is, one parent doesn’t get to dictate to the other what the parenting time schedule is going to be. The court determines the schedule for the child, and the parents have to follow it.

How we help our clients is by preparing evidence and arguments for the most custody and parenting time possible. In some cases, the court should award primary custody to the father. When that’s the case, we argue for primary custody on your behalf. We get to know our client’s goals, and we do everything we can to help them succeed.

Changes to custody and parenting time

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to go to court to ask for a change in custody or parenting time. We can help you determine if this request is likely to be successful in your case. Courts begin with the presumption that it’s best for a child to have stability. If you’re going to make changes, you need to have overwhelming proof that the changes are good for the child.

Although this is hard to do, your New York father’s rights attorneys can help you prepare your case. We can help you obtain school records to show that your child’s grades or attendance are suffering. You may need copies of records from a court to show that your child’s other parent has a substance abuse problem or criminal convictions that interfere with their ability to parent. Whatever the case, our team of New York father’s rights lawyers spends our time in the trenches of New York courtrooms. We can apply our training and experience to your case.


Too often, a co-parent tries to deny the other parent access to the child. Usually this comes with a litany of excuses such as the child’s illness, extracurricular activities or the weather. When that’s the case, our New York father’s rights lawyers can help you bring a court motion to enforce your parenting time. We work with our clients to document the problems, so that you have clear and convincing evidence to show the court.


In some cases, we help deserving clients bring an appeal. If a court makes a biased decision or makes an error of law, we can help you challenge the decision. Usually, these matters are time sensitive, so if you’re considering an appeal, please contact us as soon as possible.

Let’s work together

We know that your child’s relationship with you is one of the most important and critical relationships you’ll ever have. Whether you need to establish a custody order, change an order or enforce an order, we’re ready to help. Please contact us today if we can help you.