New York Joint Custody Lawyer

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When getting a divorce, it is important to establish your rights to parenthood. Putting yourself back together after a failed relationship can be a tremendous effort, but while going through this process, it is critical to reach out to lawyers that are able to protect your rights. When it comes to raising a child after a divorce, joint custody is often the ideal situation. This way, both parents will get a fair opportunity to see their child and raise them.

Start out with the strategies in this article so that you can make the most out of your divorce, while still staying in your child’s life.

#1: Hire a lawyer that focuses on establishing joint custody

The lawyer that you hire will be the most important part of securing custody. It is an unfortunate fact that divorce law and parental law are some of the most treacherous cases that people deal with. It can be incredibly adversarial, so rather than playing into this, you need to hire a lawyer that is very fair with each case and strives to foster joint custody agreements as opposed to bitter court proceedings. Filing joint custody and settling the case as quickly as possible is less expensive for you and better for your child.

When it comes to New York custody laws, the judge will determine the most beneficial arrangement for the child. The judge’s consideration begins with where the child lives now, where they go to school and which parent is most capable of providing shelter and consistency. After going through these issues, the judge will help you to put together a joint custody agreement, as you and your lawyer go through negotiations with your ex.

#2: Do your best to build a rapport with your ex

No matter what happens in your legal case, it is very critical that you reach out to your spouse and have a heart to heart about how the two of you will raise your children outside of the relationship. You’d be surprised how much goodwill can be fostered through honest conversation. By building this report, the two of you can do much of this work outside of contentious court hearing and can instead do what is best for each other and the children. Your lawyer can also be there to help you out with mediation.

#3: Make sure you are aware of the law and every matter of the case while it is playing out

It is your responsibility to understand New York custody laws when going through the case. This will keep you aware of visitation rights and what must be done to file a petition to change any standing arrangements. Keep in touch with your lawyer as well so that they are able to answer questions that you might have during the process at any time.

So with these tips in mind, one step you can take is to contact the law firm of the Spodek Law Group. This is a family law firm that has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to New York family law. These attorneys will keep you in the game when it comes to establishing custody and making the most out of your parental rights. Think about these tips and you’ll get help when going through your divorce case.