queens child custody lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Personal Injury On July 3, 2017

A Queens Child Custody attorney provides legal expertise when you’re in a battle for the most important gift you’ve ever received -your children. Spodek Law Group specializes in child custody cases, helping their clients and their children achieve the best results during the court hearing. This law firm divulges all the details of the matter, working in the best interest of the children and you, the client. Spodek Law Group works diligently to see that the case is handled fairly and justly.

Why You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

Many emotions surround a child custody case, whether you’re fighting to regain custody of the children you lost, against a spouse during a divorce, or another matter involving custody. A lawyer understands that it is an emotionally trying time and assists you in many ways.


Lawyers handle the mounds of paperwork associated with a child custody case


– As legal experts, lawyers ensure that their clients are handling the matter in the proper way so there are no technicalities or other issues affecting the case


– Files affidavits and summons


– Isn’t afraid to go against another lawyer, sometimes aggressively, if needed


– Answer the hard questions with confidence


These benefits are just a handful of the many you enjoy with an experienced child custody lawyer representing your case. No matter your relationship to the child, Spodek Law Group works with you during a child custody case. When there is a lawyer standing by you in court, there is a confidence that you gain you wouldn’t otherwise have. You have peace of mind and assurance that the case will go the way that it should. You are confident that your lawyer has your back, and there isn’t a better feeling in the world, especially when it is a child custody case.


Child Custody Facts


Here are a few child custody facts important to know.


– A judge can award sole custody, physical custody, temporary custody, or join custody in a child custody case. The factors listed below are some of the factors that a family judge uses to determine which type of custody is best in a case.


– Most judges favor a child being with his or her other. If you are a father seeking custody of yur children, it is even more important that a lawyer represent you in court


Child support may be awarded to a parent without custody of the child. The family court judge may set this amount during the child custody hearing.


– The courts make modifications of custody if you request such a modification be made. Should you desire a modification of an existing order, Spodek Law Group can handle such matters.


Working with a Queens Child Custody Lawyer


The attorney appears in court at every hearing, although you’ll meet in-office several times before the court hearing. The Queens family court is located at 151-20 Jamaica Ave. You should appear in court with the attorney at the date and time specified, however, he is likely to do most of the talking during the hearing, or at least guide you on the right things to say to benefit your case.


When the judge hears the child custody case, he is working in the best interest of the children. Factors such as who currently cares for the child, the school the child attends, the person who takes the child to doctor appointments, etc. are all used in a child custody case. Sometimes, however, things aren’t as clear as they see from the outside. The attorney handling your case ensures that all sides of the story are heard, helping you gather evidence in the case, ensuring that you’re aware of the laws surrounding child custody, and minimizing contact that you have with the other parent.


Why Spodek Law Group?


Experience matters. Spodek Law Group has child custody expertise with plenty of courtroom experience and verdicts in favor of the clients they represent. This firm understands that your children are the most important thing in your life, and that the case may be a bit emotionally trying. The lawyers are there to guide you legally, and to offer a shoulder to lean on when it is needed. Spodek Law Group fights for their clients, putting their expertise to work for your child custody case.