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The security clearance attorneys at Lawscape regularly assist federal employees and contractors, as well as military personnel obtain any of the three levels of security clearance – confidential, secret, or top secret.  We assist in all phases of the security clearance process. 

Locking down a clearance is the ultimate display of trust from the government. That said, federal employees, military members and government contractors are often obligated to maintain a security clearance to fulfill the duties of a sensitive position with the government or a secured contractor. 

The application process and the clearance renewal process includes an invasive background investigation into your personal and financial history. If you pass this and are granted a clearance, it can still be revoked at any point for reasons such as defaulting on your mortgage payments, accruing debt beyond your means or providing a false answer on your SF-86. These indicate a compromised ability to keep secrets. 

Applying for a security clearance should be taken seriously and conducted with care and strategy. Honesty throughout the application and renewal process is key. Oftentimes, failing to hold a security clearance will lead to the loss of one’s job.

Our attorneys are available to provide counsel throughout the entire security clearance application, revocation and appeals process, including:

Preparation for interrogatories and investigative interviews

Pre-Clearance Counseling for SF-86 and DD Form 1879 

Identify mitigating circumstances and assist in drafting answers

Representation at post-denial hearings before the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA), Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, DHS, and all federal courts and government agencies, including document and witness preparation

Preparation of response to the Statement of Reasons and Denial Letters

Requests for Hearings

Preparation and representation throughout further appeals

If you are about to apply for your own security clearance or have recently had your application denied or clearance taken away , our lawyers can give you the counsel necessary to obtain and retain not only your clearance – even your job.

If you believe the information gathered about you during the investigation is misleading or inaccurate, the appeal process is your opportunity to correct or clarify the situation and gain access to a security clearance.

Our team of security clearance attorneys is acquainted with the application, adjudicative guidelines, and mitigating factors. We have held security clearances ourselves, so we know what you’re going through.

Also, our lawyers have much experience in helping security clearance applicants from step one of the process, including reviewing applications and handling interviews. In the event of a denial or revocation of your clearance, we will fight aggressively to prove your trustworthiness and grant you access to the security clearance you deserve. We frequently represent clients in the appeal process and at hearings in front of DOHA, numerous federal agencies and administrative bodies, and in federal court.

Commitment to Our Clients

Our team-oriented philosophy encourages open and ongoing communication with every attorney, paralegal, and other support staff working with each client ensures we understand their goals. Our commitment to you means meeting your objectives, working attentively and persistently toward your success, and efficiently adjusting to your changing needs.

Ethics and Professionalism

At Lawscape, we work tirelessly to ensure our ethical standards and exemplary professionalism exceed the expectations of our clients and the court. 

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