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The New York State Law allows couples who no longer wish to live together to file for legal separation instead of a divorce. Most of the issues that a divorce agreement can settle can be settled in a legal agreement. Unlike a divorce, however, couples will remain married after the legal separation. Most couples lean towards separation according to Divorce Source . This is where we come in, you can contact us in Staten Island to discuss whether separation is the right thing for you and your current partner.

As family and divorce lawyers, we have helped couples draft and also file separation agreements under a number of circumstances. Separation agreements are valid for those who:

• Are not comfortable basing their divorce on other grounds and as a result, choose to take legal separation for one year
• Choose to file for separation with the court to put the legal framework for the divorce ready, but the couple has time to consider whether they want to end their marriage for good
• Have personal, religious or family beliefs that prevent them from filing for divorce

Just like when filing for divorce, agreement between couples is paramount before filing for legal separation. The Separation Agreement, according to the New York State Laws is only fulfilled when spouses agree on issues such as child custody, spousal support, marital property division and visitation rights. In some situations, however, the court can enforce Legal Separation agreements in the event that one spouse does not comply.

Legal separations are supposed to be detailed and are prepared by attorneys. The agreement will stipulate all duties and rights of husband and wife. This agreement, after it is duly prepared, is filed with the Clerk of the County, New York. After a year from the time the separation agreement is filed, either spouse can file a petition for no-fault divorce. Note that under the New York state law, grounds for marital divorce must be established.

Advantages of Legal Separation Over Divorce

When preparing a legal separation agreement, couples do not need to establish any grounds; whether the separation is brought about by personal reasons, religious reasons or any other reason, the court does not bar it. Legal parameters are set after a legal separation agreement where each party will learn their rights and duties. Through a legal separation, there is a door open and the couples can still remarry. If you are considering filing for legal separation, Spodek Law Group can help you.

Legally, separation simply means that a husband and a wife are not living together. A separation agreement, therefore, is the document that stipulates the terms of the separation. It must be voluntary and should be signed by both parties in presence of a notary. The legal separation date starts on the date that both parties sign the agreement and it is notarized. After a year, if all the terms stipulated in the agreement were met, the husband or the wife can file for divorce.

Couples may choose to prepare a separation agreement as outlined on 3Step Agreement or seek the help of family attorneys. The process, however, can be complex based on the unique situations of different marriages. To this end, a family attorney always comes handy. Contact Spodek Law Group to get legal help drafting and filing for legal separation.


The complaint in legal separation includes names and the birth dates of the plaintiff, the minor children and defendant of the marriage. It also includes marriage dates, separation dates, separation grounds, statement of residency and a brief description of the remedies that the couple has sought before coming to separation.

Legal Separation Grounds

According to New York City Bar , legal separation, separation for board and bed, in New York is filed for adultery, imprisonment for more than three years, abandonment, neglect and failure of support for wife and children and inhuman treatment. Separation can also be through judgement by the Supreme Court of New York. Separation by court is based on the four faults grounds as in divorce. However, non-support will also be used by the court when passing judgement for legal separation, and abandonment for less than a year will lead to legal separation judgement by the court. After a year, one of the parties may petition for no-fault divorce.


When drafting and filing a legal separation agreement, at least one spouse must be a resident of New York. The residency requirement is two years but it can be reduced to one year if:
• The couple was married in New York and there is still one party living in New York
• The couple once resided in New York and one party is still a resident
• Grounds for legal separation arose while the couple was in New York

There are no residency period requirements if both parties are living in New York and the grounds for legal separation occurred while in New York. Spodek Law Group can help you draft and file legal separation agreement in Staten Island.


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